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Truly polished decor mostly comes down to those tiny touches throughout your home. It’s that great accent lamp you got from an estate sale, the unique glass hardware installed on a set of drawers, or—best of all—beautiful trim molding on your windows. Trim molding adds intention to your interior design, elevating the overall impact of your windows. It makes them stand… Read more
Wallpaper seems like a serious job compared to painting. But in reality, with careful planning, almost any novice DIYer is up to the task. A neat, tidy layout and level hanging are the key to professional-looking work, so preparing the space and learning how to align the paper properly will both serve you well. Here’s the best technique for getting… Read more
Black framed windows have emerged as one of my favorite newcomers in home trends and design. They’re elegant yet edgy. They add a bold definition to the existing architecture. Best of all, they make your windows really pop. Here are some examples of black window frames from several different house design styles. In every case they look amazing—just see for yourself! Interior Black… Read more
Have you ever scoured the shelves of your local IKEA searching for the perfect lamp shade to complement your living room’s design scheme? Or searched the far reaches of the internet for an accent vase that matches the image in your head? Welcome to the next era of home decor! With 3D-printers, almost anything you can imagine can be customized… Read more
When you picture your dream home, you may think of an eco-friendly haven in the woods with ample natural sunlight, or an urban flat that’s always up for entertaining. But if you’re a book-lover, your coveted dream home feature is most likely a personal library—a fantastical or cultural haven where you can bury yourself in knowledge and stories. But beautiful libraries… Read more
It seemed fine when you took the tour. But now, filled with the TV, the sofa, the dining table, and your sometimes-squabbling family, your new home feels less roomy than it did on the walk through—and privacy feels very hard to come by. That’s where a privacy divider wall can come in handy. Privacy walls give you the benefits of separating and walling… Read more
Affordable window updates are few and far between, but a hanging planter installed outside the kitchen or under a set of living room windows is a cheap way to add natural beauty to your home without emptying your checking account or planning out a major remodeling project. Window boxes are so simple, in fact, they can usually be constructed and… Read more
For most of us, jobs don’t quit at five. Meanwhile, the second shift is just beginning—making dinner for the family, helping with homework, walking the dog, and whisking everyone off to bed—so it’s no wonder we get caught in cursory cleaning routines that just barely pass muster. Just getting the dishes done regularly feels like a triumph! But every once… Read more
Smoothing Your Textured Walls Before moving to Texas and building a house, I didn’t realize the wide variety of texture finishes that are possible on drywall. Where I grew up in Utah, walls were always smooth, and the heavy texture that seems to be the norm in Texas and many other southern states feels unfinished to me. So, I’ve decided… Read more
Celebrating the 4th of July is all about embracing everything American. The red, white, and blue of our flag make us feel proud, patriotic, and ready to take on just about anything. As we all gear up for our country’s birthday this year, we wanted to share a few of our favorite 4th of July themed homes from around the… Read more

Home Decor

Those lucky enough to own their home have the freedom to put nails in walls, paint, replace carpets with hardwood flooring, or tile without having to worry about violating a lease agreement or putting money into a project with no chance for a return on the investment. Like the saying goes, “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

There are many reasons why a home remodel project is a great idea. If the home is a new purchase, remodeling means putting a personal touch on what had been someone else’s style choices. Remodeling a home is an opportunity to update the look after what may have been years of evolving trends and changes in individual decor preferences. Additionally, remodeling is an opportunity for growth and to modernize a home, which could not only increase resale value, but also make it safer and perhaps improve energy efficiency to reduce utility expenses. An update to things like appliances, fixtures, lighting, wiring, plumbing, or even a fresh paint color with some new decor can increase the value of a home — sometimes exponentially — and improve not just the quality of the home and property, but also the quality of life.