DIY vs. Contractor Installed Solar Pool Heaters

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Do-it-yourself projects seem to be everywhere you look these days. It makes sense, of course—the process saves money and allows for personalization, and it can even be fun to tackle a new creative project. But while those inspiring Pinterest pictures make it look so simple, how often does your DIY attempt fall short, and less perfect than you originally imagined?

The reality is if you’re nervous enough about reupholstering an antique rocking chair, it’s probably a safer bet to leave “install entire solar pool heating system” off your DIY to-do list. And that’s where we can come in to help! Contracting a team to install your solar energy system is more efficient and effective, and it saves you money in the future. Here are the four main reasons to stick with us for all your solar installation needs.



Installing solar panels without the help of a professional can be very dangerous to your well-being and safety. The wiring is very specific and, if improperly installed, can lead to expensive problems and repairs down the road. In addition to the personal liability permits you’d need to obtain, the panels need to be certified and inspected for safety, all of which can take months to handle. A professional service provider, like Action Air, typically factors all of these regulations in prior to installation.


When making a decision to invest in solar power, you want it to be long lasting and effective. Panels last longer when installed by a professional and come with a warranty. The labor is factored into pricing, and working with a contractor can also give you insight into incentives and rebates, making the process cohesive, seamless, and cost-effective.

Repair Prevention

Since the wiring and installation of solar heating is very specific, problems can arise quickly in a DIY project. Sizing and placement are critical to the success of optimal energy use. The potential maintenance and repairs needed for ineffective panels can be daunting, and can take more time than the actual installation. Just like the well-known saying—”the best offense is a good defense”—in the case of solar energy, the best prevention of needing repairs is to contract a professional who knows what they’re doing and comes with a warranty for potential problems.


One of the most important reasons for collaborating with an installation team is that chances are you are not qualified to install solar panels. Would you install your own plumbing system? Would you install carpeting in your home? Typically, you would feel most comfortable contracting a specialist to handle these difficult and time-consuming projects, and installing your solar energy system is no different.

This guest post was provided by Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar.

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