Window Treatment Ideas for your Home

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When we designed and built our house around two years ago, I made sure that it had lots and lots of windows. Natural light was something I missed and craved while living in apartments for a long time, and I couldn’t wait to let the sunshine in! The trouble with windows, is that they don’t really look finished until you add some sort of window treatment. And that’s where I’ve been stuck for the last two years. I know that there are lots of options available for window treatments, but I’m not quite sure what would look the best and what is most affordable to help bring the whole room together. Do I want to make a statement, or keep them subtle?

Today I want to explore all of the different types of window treatments available and talk about what situation they might look best in, both as a great reference for you and for myself as I am trying to figure out the best solution for each of the different rooms in our house.


Before owning a home, I knew the basics of curtains and blinds, but I didn’t realize how many variations of both are available. After doing a little digging I am surprised and inspired by the many different types of window treatments and some of these beautiful examples of how to use them inside the home.

Curtains are an obvious starting place. We’ve all seen the rule on Pinterest for hanging curtains high and wide to increase the visual space around the window. But I didn’t know there were so many varieties of length that were readily accepted. Here are some of the curtain lengths that I found inspiring.

window treatments 11

Café curtains just brush the windowsill. I didn’t know this was a thing, but I really love the look of them, especially in situations when there’s something directly below the window like dining room chairs, or a bench that needs to be accounted for.

best window treatments,

Window Treatments-1

The slight float curtain falls an inch or two from the floor. I think this is a tricky curtain length to pull off but in these situations it seems to work beautifully when there is a wide open space next to the window. This would be perfect in at home with pets or small children where the floors need to be cleaned often underneath the curtains.

window treatments-kiss,

Hecker Guthrie The Old Library, Sydney

window treatments 15

The kiss is a typical length where the curtain just touches the floor. This is a semi-casual look and probably the most commonly used. It looks clean and classic, but can be tricky because  you either need to adjust the rod height according to your curtain length, or custom hem the curtains.

window treatments 17

window treatments 16

A partial break curtain hits the floor and has a few inches to spare. It ups the formality a touch, and looks really beautiful in larger spaces there there is room for some drama.

window treatments 3 modernize

Puddling curtains are dramatic and romantic. They look gorgeous when made of silk or linen in a formal home (but they would be a terrible idea in my own, casual home with young kids!).

window treatments 6

window treatments 5

That just about covers basic curtains, now lets talk about blinds.

Roman blinds are similar to curtains in that they’re made of fabric. One major difference is that they hang directly over the window and pull up and down, rather than to the side. They can be made from any material, but I’m more drawn to the linen look and subtle, neutral colors.

window treatments 21

window treatments 20

Most roman blinds fold into pleats with the pull of the string. Some are more relaxed, like this one above, and hang cozily in the center.

Overall, roman shades tend to feel a little more traditional in a home, and are a good choice for places where a treatment is needed, but there is limited or zero wall space for a curtain.

Condo 024

window treatments 12

The new trend in blinds seems to be bamboo or matchstick blinds. They serve the same purpose as the roman blinds, and fit a variety of situations. I love the coastal, bohemian feel that these window treatments lend to a room. They’re often used in combination with curtains, which is a great look, too.

window treatments 13

window treatments 7

I had never considered accordion blinds until a friend told me that is what she was planning on for her home. They’re streamlined and when done correctly can look cool and interesting. One big win is the more modern variety that allows the blind to drop from the top of the window, as well as pulling up from the bottom making it super versatile depending on the way the sunlight comes into your home at different times of the day.

window treatments 9

window treatments 10

Roller Blinds are the sleek, modern solution to window treatments. The sheet of synthetic fabric rolls into one tightly wound rod at the top of the window, almost disappearing. These are a great option for quick privacy, blackout (I use them in my kids rooms in combination with curtains), and when you want to minimize the impact of the window treatment on the overall design of the space.

window treatments 22

Plantation shutters are classic and beautiful. They really upgrade a space because of all the detailed woodwork. I love the use of them here as half-coverings, leaving plenty of light to spill into the room from above. Unfortunately, my house doesn’t have tall enough windows for that option, though.

window treatment

window treatment ideas

And after all of those options, there are even some untreated windows that look incredible!  The key to leaving them untreated is making sure they look finished as is. Some pretty moulding and details help. I also really love the black window trim for a cool, modern bohemian vibe.

After all of that, I’m still not certain what we’ll choose for our home, but it feels good to have all of the options laid out easily. A little diary of window treatments for future reference and decision making. Which style is your favorite?

All images from my Modernize Board on Pinterest.

Miranda Anderson is the maker, seamstress, foodie, explorer, and the blogger behind One Little Minute Blog. She shares tips and tutorials for motherhood and making, to inspire people to live a simple, creative life. 

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