Say Hello to ModSun, Modernize’s Solar Calculator!

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Homeowners, get your mouse finger ready. Calculating your individual solar costs—and savings—just got as simple as a single click. We’re pleased to introduce our ModSun solar panel cost calculator, which will get you a customized, data-backed solar estimate in a matter of seconds.

Here at Modernize, we work with homeowners every day—and when they told us that purchasing a solar energy system should be simpler, we agreed. Previously, it was difficult to measure exactly how much energy they’d get from their panels, because factors like a roof’s location, orientation, and slope could throw our estimates off. Homeowners also had to wade through boatloads of incentives before they were able to understand their overall system savings. Many rebates are production-based, so predicting their real value ahead of time presented a huge challenge.

After speaking directly with clients as they navigated these obstacles, we decided that the whole process could be a lot more streamlined. And ModSun is just that; a way to calculate your individual return on investment quickly—without having to break out a spreadsheet and scratch paper.

home heatmap

Your home address is all you need to get started

With ModSun, you don’t need a complicated formula—all you need is your address. From there, the system takes the lead, leveraging technology patented by Geostellar, with support from the Department of Energy’s SunShot Program.

Using that technology allows us to give you a more accurate understanding of your home’s energy productivity. It’s more than just a rough estimate of your area’s solar intensity. ModSun weighs your home’s Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) variables, so you get a 3D visualization of your actual roof.

In fact, every square foot of your home’s roof surface is mapped for its size, slope, orientation, and average sunlight intensity. And that paints a much more precise picture of your real solar potential—or any other of our 70 million mapped homes across all 50 states. Think of it like Google Earth for solar productivity.

Get a snapshot of your utility spending in seconds

When you decide to go solar, you’ll hear all kinds of advice. One common suggestion is to get a good understanding of your utility spending and average cost per kilowatt. While that’s not a bad idea, saving a year’s worth of electricity bills can be time-consuming. And crunching the numbers to find your average monthly costs means more legwork on your part. Who has time for all that?

ModSun presents the average monthly utility bill for your zip code so you can easily see what you’ll spend, and get on with your day. Those numbers come straight from your local utility, without having to dig around for old statements. When you decide to make the next move, you can upload your actual utility bills directly to your profile for an even more precise estimate.

How big should you go? Let us help you decide.

One complaint we hear often from homeowners is that they don’t know what size system to buy. The dilemma runs like this: the bigger the system, the more it costs. But the smaller you go, the less energy you reap—meaning less overall savings on your electricity bills.

By calculating your average energy use, utility bills, roof square footage, and the amount of sunlight you get, we’re able to find the exact right system size for your home. Often, that recommendation can cover 100 percent of your home’s energy demand, so you’ll pay next to nothing in energy bills for years to come.

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Inclusive cost comparisons

Most solar estimates assume you’ll be buying your system outright, but that purchasing strategy doesn’t make sense for everyone. If you’re already paying off a house or college tuition, you may not be ready to plunk down the payment for a solar energy system. We wanted to offer a way for homeowners to check out all their options—even those who aren’t buying all their equipment up front.

Your ModSun estimate factors in alternative financing options, like solar leases and PPAs, and shows you exactly what you’d have to put down for each. In some cases that may be as little as zero dollars down!

Whole-picture savings factors in incentives and rebates for you

Dollars down is just one part of the solar equation. Purchasing a new system also puts you in line for a massive amount of government incentives and utility savings—if you know where to look.

Expand ModSun’s personalized estimate and you can see exactly which incentives you’ll qualify for, and their dollar values. Each program is expressed as a simple line item so you can gauge your options quickly, rather than wading through pages of databases and tables. When you’re ready, you can click on each program to read the fine print and learn how to apply.

Go at your own pace

Once you calculate your costs, your estimate doesn’t just disappear. You can click on the Go Solar! button to save your information and have it forwarded directly to your inbox. That way, you can share it with a spouse, a roommate, or anyone else who needs to know. Or just return to it yourself as you evaluate your purchase.

The economics of owning a home are already complicated enough. You don’t need another hefty accounting project filling up your time. So save the spreadsheets for another day—and let ModSun shed some light on your solar cost analysis.

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