Introducing ModHVAC, an Easy Way to Predict HVAC Replacement Costs!

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Here in Austin, Modernize’s home, we get our fair share of meteorological ups and downs. People here are even fond of saying “if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a few minutes.” With that kind of climatic variety, we appreciate a top-notch and reliable HVAC system that can keep things comfortable when temperatures run to the extremes. And that’s why we designed Modernize’s new ModHVAC HVAC Cost Calculator, to help the homeowners all over the country who told us that selecting the right system for their region’s climate was taking them too much time and effort.

After all, selecting a new heat pump or air conditioner used to be a time-intensive task.  Homeowners had to weigh a variety of factors, like their home’s square footage, the local climate, and their energy-efficiency goals. Meanwhile, they often found themselves in a double bind. Purchase a high-efficiency system for more money now, or save up front with a cheaper unit that might ramp up energy bills over time? With so much going into that decision, most homeowners were left at the mercy of a contractor’s advice. To save time, most went with the first name that popped up on Google. That meant they had little ability to estimate costs and create a budget without first engaging a professional.

We created ModHVAC to take the guesswork out of purchasing and installing HVAC components, giving you more agency over your home repairs. We designed the system to be simple and quick. And we wanted to make connecting with an HVAC repair person as seamless as possible. It’s so easy to use that all you need to get started is your home address!


You Already Have Everything You Need

An AC replacement shouldn’t require a crash course in refrigeration repair. ModHVAC makes it simpler by presenting you with the best HVAC choices for your home’s situation. Just let us know whether you’re replacing an existing heat pump or AC unit. And don’t worry if you need both. Just pick “install a completely new unit” from the drop down at the top.

Next, enter your home’s square footage and your zip code. That’s it! ModHVAC does the rest of the work, calculating the ideal efficiency rates for your home’s location. It also factors in your home’s measurements, to find the best sized unit for you. Next, it pings our massive database of local labor rates to get you an accurate picture of what workers charge in your area. That allows us to find you a much more precise prediction of your overall costs. In fact, you’ll get not one, but three different estimates to help you pick the best product for your economic situation and efficiency needs.

Three Estimates Are Better Than One

We understand that every household has its own unique concerns. That’s why we don’t try to box every home into the same estimate. Your ModHVAC results allow you to pick from three different options. That means you have choices, whether your top priority is saving money now on your system’s installation or earning it back over time with a more efficient model.

Our choices show you the installation costs for three different estimates: for a high efficiency unit, for an economy unit, and for the most popular option for your area. Click on each one and select Show Estimate Breakdown to see how much you can expect to spend for both parts and labor.


Cost Comparisons with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Over half of your home’s energy consumption comes from your heating and cooling systems. That means there’s a real opportunity here to save on your electricity bills—as long as you purchase the most efficient unit you can afford.

ModHVAC helps you understand how your unit’s season energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, affects the overall price of your unit. We also show you your eventual return on investment for different efficiency ratings. On the results sidebar, we lay out the percentage of savings you can expect to earn back on your electricity bills for each SEER, whether you’re opting for the minimum efficiency or the maximum.

Instantly Connect to a Professional

Price and efficiency aren’t the only factors going into your final decision, of course. The next step is to locate a professional contractor in your area to help you get a quote. They can recommend specific products that meet your requirements, as well as perform the necessary work to get your new system installed.

ModHVAC can help you there, too. Our system includes a link to connect you with a local pro right away, so you can turn your HVAC replacement into a reality fast—instead of sweating out your days with a shot AC unit.

Your home’s HVAC is one of the most critical home repairs you’ll make. With both your comfort and finances riding on your unit, it’s important to get it right. But with ModHVAC on your side, you’ll be set for the next ten years or more. Now, go forth and calculate!

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