9 Cool Ideas for Window Valances

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That sad, bare window in your living room is begging for some love. Sure, there’s the ol’ standby—curtain panels—but if you want to shake things up, try out a valance. Window valances only cover the uppermost part of a window and are a fun way to add color and texture to a window where full-on drapes aren’t necessary, though pairing them with drapes can result in a really polished look. Take a look at some window valances in action and get inspired to put them up in your home.


grass window valances

Grass valances can turn any boring bedroom into a tropical paradise. You can even complete the look by painting the walls blue and adding decorative seashell trim to the window frame.


doilies for window curtain

For a truly one-of-a-kind look that’s old lady chic, make your own valance out of crochet — or ask your grandma for one. You can give it any pattern you’d like, including flowers, animals, or geometric swirls.


pleasted window valances

Pleated valances are perfect for the homeowner who wants flair without sacrificing elegance. These valances are regal and color-coordinated while still being unique.


theatrical window curtains

Valances don’t have to be short. In fact, when you go for the drape-style valance, they can transform the entire space into something out of a storybook mansion or an old theater.



Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, wooden valances can extend right out from your cabinets for a neat, streamlined aesthetic.


bamboo window valances

This is a wooden valance with a twist: Instead of a solid construction of oak or mahogany, the timber has been treated to look like bamboo fresh out of China.


lace valance

Lace valances will add grace and delicacy to your window. They’ll also match absolutely any kind of interior design, making them stylish and versatile.


metal valances

The future is here! And it’s… a really unique design choice! Choose a valance of galvanized metal to complement the chrome of your bathroom or add a gleaming touch to your child’s spaceship bedroom.


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