Get Inspired: Basement Window Covers

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A finished basement isn’t quite finished without window treatments, but unfortunately that aspect of the design can be a real headache. More than likely, you’re having to deal with higher-than-normal windows that may be in an awkward spot. Not to worry: We’ve compiled this quick and handy guide to outfitting your basement windows with the perfect covers.

basement windows

What’s your basement used for?

A lot of basements are used as workshops, laundry rooms, or storage areas, but a good number are now being transformed into “man caves,” family rooms, or spare bedrooms. When you choose the covers for your basement windows take your cue from the purpose this room will serve.

Basements used as laundry rooms or workshops. If your basement doubles as a workshop or a laundry room, you naturally want your windows to let in as much natural light as possible. This is sometimes a problem since basements rarely have generous windows. You can create the illusion of bigger windows by using drapes that go all the way down to the floor. Light up the room with energy efficient bulbs, and make it appear even better lit by using blinds in light colors.

Basements used as man caves. This isn’t the place for frills, swags, or Jacobean print, but that means you can get super creative. Make a valance out of old license plates or team pennants like the one below.

pendants for window

Basements used as family rooms. Create a light and relaxed atmosphere. Since basement windows are generally small, it is important that treatments do not make the windows any smaller than they are. If you plan to install blinds, position these above the window frame so that the sunlight can flow through the entire window.

Basements transformed into playrooms. The dark and somber atmosphere of basements is easily dispelled with lively colors, which will make it a happier, more fun place for kids to hang out. Don’t be afraid to go all-out with color.


Basements converted into guest rooms. A basement can become a practical and comfortable guest room. Use lots of color, put a comfortable bed in, and add good closet space. Finally, dress up your basement guestroom windows with full-height curtains or blinds to make your guests feel their room is actually above ground.

basement bedroom

If you need extra living space, look no further than your basement. A billiard table and a dart set can convert a basement into a game room. If you have a large TV and a comfortable couch, all you need to transform your basement into a private viewing room is a set of good blackout curtains. Basements are actually more versatile than people give them credit for, and the right window covers will help you turn yours into the room you want it to be.

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