5 Solar-Powered Gifts to Give Your Green Pals

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For many, the best part of this gift-giving season is watching the expression of a loved one excitedly opening your gift as you internally shout “nailed it!” while doing the Tiger Woods fist pump.

It’s a proud moment for sure, but also one that, understandably, can be hard going at first, for we all have someone in our life for whom it’s impossible to shop, whether it’s because they already have everything or because they adhere to a particular lifestyle and you want a gift that reflects it.


When you know someone in the latter category, gift-idea lists are a godsend. So for those of you with a friend or family member who’s passionate about green living, here’s a list of solar-powered¬†gadgets that’ll make great Christmas gifts.

Poweradd Apollo Charger

Poweradd Charger

$19.99 on Amazon.com

Every year, smartphones get bigger and more powerful. Unfortunately, the one area where technological advancements are lagging behind is battery life, which makes a solar-powered device charger the ideal gift.

The Poweradd Apollo offers a 7,200 mAh battery, which provides enough power for two full charges to most smartphones. The device also comes equipped with a solar panel for emergency charging.

BirkSun Solar Backpack

bricksun solar backpack

$100-$175 on BirkSun.com

With three styles available, including a messenger bag, the BirkSun solar backpack has a built-in 4.4-watt solar panel for the largest style, which is capable of charging most smartphones and tablets while on the go.

The best feature of this bag is the fact that the solar panel blends seamlessly into the overall design of the bag, rendering it a professional and stylish replacement for most standard backpacks and messenger bags.

The Solar Chaser

solar chaser

$39.95 at Solarchasers.com

The solar chaser is a solar-powered cat toy that tantalizes your cat with a small toy dangling from the edge of a rod that’s attached to a base suctioned to a window. The rod can also be detached from the base for manual playtime with your furry friend.

As long as the base is in direct sunlight, the rod will jiggle and wave the toy around to your cat’s delight.

Eton Rukus Portable Speakers

portable speakers
$108.95 on Amazon.com

Providing music to any outdoor event involves the hassle of running cables to power your speakers. If the gathering is in a park or on the beach, your options are even more limited.

The Eton Rukus solar-powered portable speakers is the perfect solution that’s also small enough to fit in most backpacks. With both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the speaker system also doubles as a device charger.

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