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green contemporary living room Pantone Released Their 2017 Color of the Year and It’s Perfect for Your Green Home
Each year the color gods at Pantone release their color of the year and, in one fell swoop, collectively dictate our chromatic futures for the next twelve months. This year, the color is Greenery, a bright, green tone that captures the hues of a lush field of grass during the first rites of spring. Pantone describes it as “nature’s neutral,” a Continue Reading
A supply register Where Should I Install Return Registers for the Best HVAC Performance?
A vent is a vent is a vent, right? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think a lot more about the efficiency of your HVAC units, and not the performance of your air supply and return systems. But your unit’s air supply and return does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to keep your system working efficiently—and your home comfortable. Continue Reading
An electric car in charging on the street What’s The Best Way to Charge Your EV or Plug-In? Can You Use Solar?
Charging your plug-in or EV to a standard 120-volt electricity outlet is as easy as charging your smartphone. Using the charging cord that comes with the car, you simply plug in your car, come back several hours later—or the next morning—unplug your car, and drive off. There are many advantages of this “Level 1” charging. It’s easy. It requires no additional Continue Reading
Man installing siding Should You Install a Housewrap Before Siding?
Housewrap stirs up a lot of confusion. Does it prevent moisture? Inhibit mold? Help prevent drafts? Actually, it does all three. Depending on how it’s hung, housewrap can either act as a moisture or wind barrier. When used to slow winds, its job is to seal gaps and leaks in the OSB panels or plywood sheathing that makes up your home’s Continue Reading
roofing surprise Budgeting for a Roofing Surprise
There are all kinds of surprises. Receiving an unexpected compliment? Good. Finding out your roof needs structural repairs? Not so good. The trouble with roofs is that problems aren’t always obvious from the ground. Sometimes a roofer or inspector has to get up on a roof—or even tear off the shingles and asphalt—before they can fully diagnose problems. And by Continue Reading
Close up of a radiator cover The Most Energy-Efficient Radiator Heater Covers
Your home’s big, old-fashioned radiators may have seem quaint when you moved in, but they can seriously clash with modern decor updates. But where there’s a decorating challenge, there are always solutions, and radiator heater covers have them in spades. If you’ve considered covering your radiator, you may be asking yourself if that will limit your unit’s energy efficiency. After all, you’re Continue Reading
mounted powerwall What You Need to Know About Tesla’s Powerwall
Could your home one day become a mini power plant? By all predictions, home energy is undergoing a real revolution. Advances in solar could one day allow households to operate virtually independent from the energy grid, generating and storing all the energy they need for themselves. However, if that’s ever going to happen, solar storage systems are going to have Continue Reading
burned siding What Siding Is the Most Fire-Resistant?
Most of us prefer not to think of our homes as piles of kindling. But accidents do happen—and experts believe that wildfires may be on the rise. In fact, studies have confirmed that the western states are indeed experiencing a new age of fire outbreaks, mainly due to deforestation and climate change. While you certainly can’t prevent every hazard to Continue Reading
roof trusses construction Can I Convert My Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof?
For all their aesthetic benefits, flat roofs can come with some serious downsides, too. Flat roof surfaces are more prone to leaks, water damage, and problems with mold. Not to mention, you’ll need to replace your flat roof more frequently and maintain it with waterproof coatings and seals. All that moisture exposure tends to wear down roofing materials, meaning a Continue Reading
baseboard heater How to Replace a Baseboard Heater Cover
Positioned low to the ground, baseboard heaters see a lot of wear and tear. A home’s everyday traffic can cause dents or scratches—but a ratty, rusted, or outdated baseboard heater can be a real eyesore. A quick DIY way to update your home’s decor is to replace the cover with a new, unblemished model—and it’s easy enough for most homeowners Continue Reading

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