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Feet warming by fireplace Chimney Cleaning: How Often and How Much Does It Cost?
If you’re anything like most homeowners, the words “chimney sweep” mostly conjures up images of Dick Van Dyke dancing across the London skyline. But chimney sweeping is actually a vital part of homeownership. Chimneys require regular cleaning to keep them safe to use. So what does cleaning entail? And how much will it cost you, after all is said and Continue Reading
solar-air-heater Using Solar to Heat Your Home
The sun is one of the most reliable sources of warmth on the Earth, so why not use it for your home heating? Solar-powered heaters take the comfort and convenience of conventional heating and combine it with energy-efficient solar energy for an interior heat source that’s as great for your energy bills as it is for that cold spot in Continue Reading
Snowy solar panels Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?
If solar energy comes from the sun, it seems only logical that panel productivity would take a severe hit in winter, right? Wrong—nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, depending on the weather in your area and your solar equipment, you could actually experience a slight increase in your home’s solar energy during winter. At the very least, Continue Reading
little girl sitting by the window Weatherize Your Windows: Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter
Brrr…feel that cold? When you have phantom drafts, chilling out at home takes on a whole different meaning. Drafts can be a real drag—especially during the height of winter, when all you want to do is curl up by the TV until the weather subsides. And we haven’t even gotten to your energy bills! Drafts can cause winter heating costs to Continue Reading
winter home Be Ready for Winter with These Home Winterization Tips
You know what it means when your social media feed is suddenly inundated with pictures of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, fall home décor, and apple picking. Not only is it time to welcome autumn with open arms—it’s also the perfect time to start prepping for the cold weather ahead. Here are some must-read prep tips for winterizing your home this season. Continue Reading
furnace-inspection HVAC Winter Maintenance Guide
Winter is coming. Before it was a catchphrase on your favorite fantasy soap opera, it was the longstanding motto of HVAC technicians everywhere. That’s because plunging temperatures and wintry weather can be rough on your heating equipment—and there’s nothing worse than waking up on a cold morning to find out your heater’s given out. And then there’s the issue of Continue Reading
dirty air conditioner filter and dirty finger Why Isn’t My HVAC Working?
Whether it’s a malfunctioning central air conditioner or a furnace that just doesn’t seem to be doing its job, a broken down heater or air conditioner is cause for alarm in anyone’s book. A faulty unit could mean a costly repair—and of course, all those uncomfortable hours waiting for it to be fixed! Of course, heating and cooling failures can Continue Reading
Male-solar-contractor Solar Is Cheaper Than You Think
Solar, which costs an average $20,000 or so to install, probably seems like one of those far-off, “someday” items. Sure, it would be nice to reduce or even eliminate your utility bills. And you love the idea of doing something good for the environment. Plus, how cool would it be to generate energy right from your very own rooftop? But you might Continue Reading
Solar-patio-umbrella 5 Solar-Powered Gadgets to Green Your Backyard
When it comes to making your home more eco-friendly, installing solar panels is the ultimate upgrade. But even if you haven’t yet made the switch to completely renewable energy, there are other ways to harness the sun’s energy in your home. The backyard is a great place to start, especially with the cooler temperatures practically begging you to stay outside Continue Reading
New windows with dog and cat Were My Windows Correctly Installed?
You needed new windows so you hired a contractor and had them put in replacements. Your last check is long since cashed, but now you’re starting to notice something odd: your windows are letting in cold air. And on closer inspection, there are some traces of mold just beginning to grow on the sills. You have the sinking feeling that Continue Reading

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