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130318_SinkPositive_14_Edit-e1381337306502-1 What You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Toilets
Eco-friendly toilets are becoming a priority in many homes because they offer an easy and immediate way to save water. This is particularly true in regions of the U.S. that have been stricken by drought and face water shortages so serious they’ve led to rationing. At the very least, using an eco-friendly toilet will reduce your water bill, but more Continue Reading
Measuring for Solar Panels Efficiency Improvements to Pair with Your Solar Installation
There’s a whole lot to love about solar. For less than the price of a new car, you can enjoy reduced energy bills that will pay for your unit many times over in just a few years—and give your home some coveted green cred, too. But a solar energy system is only as efficient as the home it serves. What’s the use Continue Reading
home with vinyl siding Low E Windows: A Problem for Neighbors with Vinyl Siding?
Noticed some strange, unidentifiable patterns on your vinyl siding? Do you live in a subdivision? The source of the problem could be right outside your window. Across the US, homeowners have been reporting a strange phenomenon: rippled, melting vinyl siding on just one side of their homes. The possible culprit? Windows with low-emissivity glass installed on a nearby neighbor’s home. Continue Reading
Beach solar panel home SolarCity Expands Operations to Include Florida
They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing—in fact, most parts of Florida get about 100 clear days of sun a year. That may not sound like a lot, especially when you compare those numbers to the ones coming out of Arizona, California, and Nevada—all of which receive upwards of 250 sun-drenched days annually. But as one of the country’s southernmost states, Continue Reading
A street in Bay Head, NJ after Hurricane Sandy Which Siding Stands Up Best to Hurricanes?
When a hurricane or severe storm is predicted for your area, your first concern is undoubtedly for your loved ones. Whether or not you need to evacuate,  the condition of your siding—and, ultimately, your home—is important. You want something that will stand up to hurricanes, freeing up energy for you to worry about what really matters— the safety of your Continue Reading
Solar panels under clouds How Long Does It Take to Set Up Solar Panels?
Installing solar panels on your home can make you feel like you’ve traveled straight into the future (free energy from the sun? how next-level is that?), but sadly, your installation probably won’t move at warp speed. Though most solar installations wrap up in a matter of weeks, if you happen to be dealing a particularly slow permitting office or utility Continue Reading
Solar panel installation What Are Solar Soft Costs?
No one can deny that solar is quite an investment. After installation, system prices top out at around $25,000, which may be more than the down payment you put on your house! And while solar is worth it in the long-run—especially when you factor in federal incentives and utility credits—those initial numbers can give you some serious sticker shock. However, that Continue Reading
Iconic Las Vegas sign Las Vegas Is Now 100 Percent Solar-Powered
No one would ever accuse Las Vegas of dull visuals. Whether it’s the flashing neon signs of the casinos on the strip or the brilliant LED canopies on Fremont Street, almost every corner of Las Vegas is transformed at dusk into a virtual light show. But spectacular as all those lights may be, they definitely aren’t what you’d call energy-efficient. Continue Reading
Humidifiers and HVAC: What You Need to Know
Too cold at home? Turn the temperature up! While it’s easy to think of heating and cooling as a simple matter of measurements on the thermostat, the truth is that your home’s humidity (or lack thereof!) plays a huge role in how comfortable you wind up feeling. It may sound a bit gross, but our body’s main cooling mechanisms use Continue Reading
Close-up of man hands setting the temperature of water in Electric Boiler Can a Hot Water Heater Blanket Save You Money on Your Energy Bills?
There are hundreds of ways—both big and small—that you can save money on your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient. Yes, even during the freezing cold months when all you want is to take a hot bath and then hibernate under your favorite blanket. You’ve probably heard about using an extra blanket to stay warm at night Continue Reading

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