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older double hung window How to Fix Glass Without Replacing the Entire Window
As nice as it is to buy new windows, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense—especially if you’re just dealing with a broken pane of glass in a single frame. With the average double pane window running around $300 installed, it’s much more cost-effective to replace a broken pane instead of replacing windows—especially if you’re willing to do some of the work Continue Reading
Chimney sweep is with his tool on the chimney to the fireplace to turn. How and When to Hire a Chimney Sweep
Did you know that fireplace chimneys need to be cleaned and maintained just like any other piece of equipment in the home? Chimneys that aren’t properly maintained can malfunction in a variety of ways.  After enough fire burning, creosote can build up on the inside of your chimney, and if it’s not cleaned, it can catch fire. Soot build-up in Continue Reading
woman reviewing an estimate What Should I Do If There is a Big Difference in Price Estimates in My Window Quotes?
One of these things is not like the other—getting at least three to five quotes for a window replacement project offers an opportunity to compare costs for your area. But what if those estimates are all over the place? How do you decide what’s what? Price quotes for windows differ for a number of reasons, and your best defense against Continue Reading
gas-boiler Most Energy Efficient HVAC Units for 2017
Optimizing energy efficiency helps you save money, use the earth’s limited resources more responsibly, and decrease your carbon footprint. The most important energy-related aspect of your home, especially if you live in a climate of freezing winters or triple-digit summers, is your HVAC system. The average American home’s utility bill is comprised of about 50 percent heating and cooling expenses. That’s why Continue Reading
installing solar panels Do Certain Roof Surfaces Increase Solar Potential?
Ready to hit the button on solar? You might want to think about replacing your roof, too. A lot of homeowners find themselves contemplating a roof replacement when they go solar. After all, it only makes sense to get your roof in great shape before you slap panels over it. And that way, you won’t have to pay to remove Continue Reading
woodpecker drilling holes in siding Pests That Can Create Problems for Your Siding and What to Do About Them
Tap, tap, tap. That’s the sound of your siding being destroyed. Woodpeckers and insects can create massive issues in a home with wood siding—ranging all the way from aesthetic flaws and defects to huge structural problems that threaten the safety of your home. However, you don’t have to passively accept whatever damage these invaders wreak on your home. There are Continue Reading
Solar Panel on a Old Roof How the FHA’s Energy Improvement Loans Can Help You Afford Solar
If you’ve done some research on solar, the cost of equipment alone may have you thinking that renewable energy is too rich for your blood. You’re not alone. The average American has less than $1,000 saved up, meaning that a hefty $25,000 system price tag is a lot more than most homeowners can afford to pay up front. But where Continue Reading
cleaning of old computer equipment for recycling.. How to Recycle E-Waste
Ever wondered what you should you do with all your obsolete, used, or out-of-style electronics? The answer is not to throw them in the trash. E-waste, as this growing torrent of electronics debris is called, is the fastest growing component of the waste stream, and that’s not good. For one thing, discarded electronics are adding tons of metal and plastic to Continue Reading
new-york-closet-coat-rack 7 Gift-Worthy Storage Solutions to Organize Your Winter Gear
The twinkling lights, peppermint mochas, and nonstop rotation of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on the radio can mean only one thing: the holidays are here. And if the holidays are here, so is winter. Pretty soon, you’ll need to have your puffiest coats, largest scarves, warmest gloves, and bulkiest boots on standby to deal with the elements. Continue Reading
a house in winter Can Vinyl Siding Stand Up to Frigid Temperatures
Brrr…it’s cold outside. But when winter winds blow, it doesn’t just make you shiver. Low temperatures and freezing precipitation have an effect on your home’s exterior, too—particularly if you have vinyl siding on your home. Due to its chemical makeup, vinyl is notoriously sensitive to temperature changes. While it’s usually tough enough to stand up to cold weather, you could Continue Reading

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