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solar panels with trackers What Are the Pros and Cons of a Solar Tracker System?
If you clicked on this article, then there’s a good chance you already know a little bit about solar power. Just in case though, here’s a little background on solar trackers. The solar tracker is an automated module fitted to your system that reads the angle of the sun and adjusts your panels to compensate, thus maximizing your system’s solar output. Continue Reading
H-3_Slider_Corner_Cut Brand Spotlight: Sierra Pacific Windows and Doors
 What are some of the biggest changes you are seeing in the window industry? We see the continued growth of homeowners who want greater access to the outdoors with large spans of glass, as well as larger windows and doors. There’s also a new trend toward mid-range products, as opposed the high-priced windows and doors, with an emphasis on greater Continue Reading
Ground mounted solar installation Could a Ground Mounted Solar Installation Be Right for You?
We’re used thinking of solar panels as the exclusive domain of rooftops, but many of the most productive installations in the world are a lot lower to the ground. If your home doesn’t have the ideal orientation and slant for solar power, a ground-mounted solar installation may be better than one on your roof. Ditto if you have a lot of shade Continue Reading
solar shed Where to Install Solar—Instead of on the Roof
You love everything about solar energy—the environmental impact, the high-tech vibe, and especially the utility savings—but you can’t quite fall in love with the way they look. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between a bulky rooftop solar installation or nothing at all. Homeowners these days have all kinds of options to make use of the sun’s energy. And many Continue Reading
row houses with solar panels Microgrids Could Make Solar a Lot More Neighborly
What if you could set up your solar energy system and bypass your utilities altogether? With more powerful lithium ion batteries coming out on the market, some homeowners are beginning to see the electric company as an unnecessary middleman. That’s exactly what happened in Brooklyn this year. Residents there set up their own microgrid—a network of independently owned and operated Continue Reading
young couple at the bank Should I Refinance to Afford an Energy Efficiency Improvement?
Energy efficiency projects come in all sizes—and the big ones often take a lot of green. For instance, if you install solar panels, high performance heating and air conditioning, or all new Low-E windows throughout your home, it could cost thousands of dollars when all is said and done. And although these projects stand to substantially impact household utility bills in Continue Reading
Autumn landscape with solar panels How the Seasons Impact Your Solar Panels
Just like the leaves on the trees, your home’s energy production changes with the seasons. In fact, certain weather conditions can have a noticeable effect on your system, decreasing efficiency by as much as 25 percent. But with the right equipment, you can keep your panels humming away all year long. Here’s what you need to know about seasonal fluctuations—and what Continue Reading
solarskin on cabin What Is a SolarSkin?
Is your roof a work of art? Sistine Solar, an offshoot of Cambridge’s MIT, thinks it should be. Recently, the startup announced a brand-new innovation in solar technology: a solar panel that can be imprinted with a custom design, known as a SolarSkin. That means any homeowners who are put off by the aesthetics of traditional solar panels may soon Continue Reading
Example of a Passive House What Are Passive House Standards?
What if you never had to turn on the heat or AC in your home? How much would you save on heating and cooling costs throughout the year? Probably quite a bit. The Department of Energy estimates that heat and air conditioning use make up almost half of the average household’s energy bills. That means that if you could survive Continue Reading
Tesla Tuscan Roof Investigating the Price of Tesla’s Solar Roof
Ever since we heard the news that Tesla and SolarCity were planning on offering their own attractive take on the solar shingle, a molded glass roofing material fitted with solar cells, we’ve been dying to hear more. A solar option that looks just like slate, terra cotta, or textured glass and generates usable energy? We were on board, to say Continue Reading

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