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Transmission tower using solar What Is Time-of-Use Energy Pricing?
In 2016, California achieved a monumental first: it became the first state in the US to implement statewide time-of-use energy pricing. That may not sound like a sweeping accomplishment—but rest assured, the Golden State’s rate redesign is set to usher in a new era of energy pricing. Time-of-use rates (TOU, to those in the energy biz) is a multi-tiered payment structure Continue Reading
A paper house and butterfly over grass on blue sky. Top Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to an Energy Efficient Home
Whether you’re moving to your eco-friendly dream home or simply adding a few green bells and whistles to a newly purchased property, you’re making a difference. “Purchasing an energy efficient home is one of the most practical decisions a person can make,” says Lauren Thead, sustainability coordinator for the City of West Palm Beach, Florida. “Green homes lower utility bills Continue Reading
Woman looking at receipts PowerSaver Loans Versus PACE Financing: Which One is Better?
The ecosystem of financial options for your solar purchase is more intricate than a coral reef, which is one thing that scares a lot of homebuyers away from renewable energy. But contrary to popular belief, the price on the tag isn’t always your final offer. Tax credits, rebates, and energy purchasing make solar power one home improvement that pays for Continue Reading
HVAC heating and air conditioning units Interview with an Expert: How System Sizing Affects Unit Performance
You can have the most highly rated system around, but unless it’s sized correctly for your home—and installed with the right ducting system—it may not be running as efficiently as it could. That can wind up raising your cooling bills and causing other problems down the line. Today we talked to Roland Bazan, the owner of Roland Bazan Heating & Air Continue Reading
roof-repair Interview with an Expert: How to Find a Roofer with Integrity
The vast majority of roofers are honest and do good work, but every once in a while, homeowners get hooked by “storm chasers,” roofing contractors who come in after a major weather event to fix homes that were damaged by recent storms. These roofers can’t always be trusted to do the job right—and sometimes they aren’t available for fixes if Continue Reading
photovoltaic panels - alternative electricity source What Kind of Solar Cells Are Best for Hot Climates
What’s the best spot for a solar installation in a chilly Northeastern home that’s no stranger to a fierce winter blow? Or what about on a hot desert property, that’s sun-drenched 90 percent of the year? Careful—the answer is more complicated than it seems! It’s tempting to think that solar only perform well in sunny, hot climates—it is called “solar” power, Continue Reading
sliding glass walls Unique Window Trends of 2017 That Are Perfect for Warm Weather
  Earlier this year, we wrote about our own predictions for the top window trends of 2017. Some were right, (including green design trends and energy-efficient windows, since they never go out of style) but we couldn’t have predicted some of the ways in which residential windows have made waves and altered the architectural look and feel of homes as Continue Reading
Solar BIPV at Alliander Group Site Interview with an Expert: The Future of Solar with Building-Integrated PV
The future of solar isn’t flat black panels. Thanks to the development of a technology known as “building-integrated photovoltaics,” solar cells are now placed in all different locations—in windows, in roof tiles, on the sides of buildings, in glass atriums. The idea is to design the cells so that they fit seamlessly into a building’s architecture, rather than tacking on Continue Reading
solar home in a field of wildflowers Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Energy Financing for Solar: What You Need to Know
Most of us don’t just have an extra $25,000 lying around—if we did, the credit card companies would all but go out of business! Unfortunately, though, that’s what it costs—pre-incentives—for an average solar energy system installation. While rebates and energy savings can make back what you spend fairly quickly, there’s not a whole lot you can do if you don’t Continue Reading
HyperFocal: 0 Brand Spotlight: Control4 Home Automation and Smart Home Systems
What are some of the biggest changes you are seeing in the home automation industry? This year, we can expect the trend of voice control to grow. Being able to control the entire home with a voice command opens the door to more convenience and it will become a control mechanism that homeowners will rely on—and even expect—in 2017. Whether Continue Reading

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