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snow roof How Much Snow Can Your Roof Handle?
Juno, Markus, and Neptune. If cold weather and snow is a part of your winter experience, you’ll recognize those as the names of winter storms that have made the 2014-2015 winter season one of the worst on record so far for many regions. Boston, Massachusetts, in particular, has gotten the brunt of each storm, resulting in the obliteration of their Continue Reading
We love the modern style of this shipping container house by Tomecek Studio. Check Out this Solar-Powered Shipping Container Home
We’re pretty much obsessed with shipping container homes here at Modernize. Can you really blame us? They’re sustainable, unique, and invite out-of-the-box design creativity.  And especially when we see homes like this 1500 square-foot residence in Nederland, Colorado, we can’t help but dream of that #containerlife. Tomacek Studio is responsible for this home, which runs on solar energy. We love Continue Reading
Via modernize How Accessory Dwellings Will Change the City of Austin
How Accessory Dwellings Will Change the City of Austin Accessory dwellings have many names. Whether you call them mother-in-law cottages, carriage houses, or garage apartments, these additions to homes can have an effect over an entire city. Recently in Austin, Texas, the City Council proposed a resolution to facilitate the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). There are a few impacts Continue Reading
Via Just a Girl and Her Blog 7 IKEA Hacks All Parents Need to Know About
Parents are always looking for ways to make their life a little easier. There are entire industries out there targeting parents with solutions to things like meal planning, organization, and home decor. Many of these companies are overpriced and still may not meet your needs, which has spurred some creativity among IKEA-obsessed parents who come up with the most amazing hacks! Here are Continue Reading
Small-Bath-Ideas-marble-countertop How to Make A Small Master Bath Spa-like
Do you drool when you see glorious master bathrooms on HGTV? Are you lacking the budget for a full bathroom addition and stuck with a small master bath? Luckily, there are lots of cool ways to update your master bath and get that spa feel without spending a ton of money. Check out our tips! Trade out your standard issue Continue Reading
Photo by Incorporated. Ways to Make Modern Decor Retro
Retro decor can be quirky and give your home a ton of character. However, you definitely don’t want your home to look dated. The best vintage decor tends to be more a marriage of the modern and the retro, giving you the best of both worlds. Of course, some styles lend themselves better to hybridization than others. Here are some Continue Reading
cube 6 Ways to Make Your Cubicle Look Less Like A Prison Cell
No one wants to feel like they are being punished just by having too sit at a lifeless, uninspired desk. If eight hours a day surrounded by beige walls and empty space are having an unsurprising effect on your daily mood, here are a few ideas to brighten it up! Add some color Use scraps of wallpaper or contact paper Continue Reading
An incredible home made from six containers. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, this home is stunning. Via LifeBuzz. Would You Live in a Shipping Container?
Living in shipping containers is no longer for vagrants, squatters, vagabonds, and errant wanderers. Recently it’s become a trend for people to construct cabins, vacation homes, portable businesses, swimming pools, and even bars using recycled freight containers. Constructing your home from old freight containers may not seem very appealing, but once you see ways these containers can be used to create stunning Continue Reading
mid century modern home What Does the Architectural Style of Your Home Say About You?
To say that architectural styles have unique personalities is an understatement. Let’s take a look at how different architectural styles reflect who you are. Craftsman Traditional and captivating, the Craftsman style home is loved by owners who value home and family. Warm and inviting individuals love the flow of this classic home for its functionality and ease of entertaining. If Continue Reading
REPLACE Amazing Meditation Rooms
Your household may seem to swirl like a tornado much of the week, but there are some reprieves from the chaos. Meditation rooms are nothing new and are often added to a home with an Asian-inspiration behind them. You don’t need to have a million-dollar home to enjoy these spaces. From huge, separate rooms to hidden outdoor spaces, feast your Continue Reading

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