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midcentury-kids The 7 Elements of a Fantastic Playroom
Playrooms present you with a special opportunity when it comes to home design. You can be as whimsical and original as you would like, because when it comes to children’s playrooms, the more imaginative, the better. Here are some great ideas to take your playroom from lackluster to inspired while still keeping it practical! Chalkboard wall Transitional Kids by Eden Continue Reading
via Modernize Maximizing Space in a Small Living Room
Small-space living doesn’t mean you have to suffer in a cramped, uncomfortable home. Even if you live in a tiny house, there are lots of ways to set up a room so it feels larger and has more functionality. For this post, we’re focusing on small living rooms. Check out some of our favorite ways to maximize that space. Shelving is your Continue Reading
Via ALGLO 5 Minutes with Matt Astrella of ALGLO
No matter how much you spend on a home remodel project, the reality is that if the lighting is all wrong, the room just isn’t going to look good. Austin, Texas-based ALGLO has come up with a solution: an LED lighting design kit. A must-have tool for any interior designer, DIY homeowner, or even make-up artists, this kit is the most Continue Reading
IMG_6894 5 Things I’ve Learned Living In a Tiny Home
For years, research has been telling us that it’s not the things in our lives that make us happy, it’s the experiences. Ever since I moved into a 400 square foot backhouse with my husband and our four dogs, I can attest to the value of a minimalist lifestyle. It wasn’t easy at first. In the past, I’ve always had Continue Reading
new-girl-apartment1 Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Rooms from Famous TV Shows?
Are you a TV expert? If you’re anything like us, you’ve gotten inspiration for your own home from a television character’s living room or bedroom. Some sitcom sets are so recognizable for this reason (Monica’s apartment in Friends is probably one of the best examples). Put your skills to the test and see if you can identify all 10 rooms in the Continue Reading
Via Renovated Learning Create a Lego Themed Room for Your Kid
If your child is obsessed with Legos, you’ve likely become accustomed to finding tiny Lego pieces all over your house. You have also probably experienced the acute pain that is stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night. As parents, we don’t want to stifle our kid’s creative tendencies, but we also don’t want to allow their love Continue Reading
Via Unpakt How to Move Heavy Furniture
Whether you’re moving apartments or you’re simply revamping your living areas, moving heavy furniture can be an extremely daunting task. When you move furniture and you don’t know what you are doing you risk causing damage to your flooring, walls and most importantly yourself. After talking to some of the top moving companies, we’ve compiled these tips for how to move heavy furniture Continue Reading
windows 7 Warning Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced
Window issues can arise no matter how new your home is. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows but you’re not entirely sure it’s necessary, take a look at these 7 warning signs to watch out for. High energy bills If your HVAC system is working much harder than it needs to in order to compensate for old, leaky Continue Reading
Gorgeous deck with an ocean view. The Basics of Designing a Backyard Deck
The luxury of outdoor living space is one of the biggest perks to owning or living in a house versus multi-unit housing like apartments and condos. Outdoor space is great for hosting get-togethers and parties, or even just retreating to a hammock with a book for a couple hours of solitary relaxation. Yard space also opens up the possibility of Continue Reading
kitchen-8-all-white All White Kitchens: Is This Trend Here to Stay?
Kitchens are one of the most remodeled areas of the home and it’s not difficult to see why. Often seen as the heart of the home, many families tend to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Whether cooking, eating, or just congregating there, people are drawn to the kitchen, which makes it a space that most people Continue Reading

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