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An incredible home made from six containers. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, this home is stunning. Via LifeBuzz. Would You Live in a Shipping Container?
Living in shipping containers is no longer for vagrants, squatters, vagabonds, and errant wanderers. Recently it’s become a trend for people to construct cabins, vacation homes, portable businesses, swimming pools, and even bars using recycled freight containers. Constructing your home from old freight containers may not seem very appealing, but once you see ways these containers can be used to create stunning Continue Reading
mid century modern home What Does the Architectural Style of Your Home Say About You?
To say that architectural styles have unique personalities is an understatement. Let’s take a look at how different architectural styles reflect who you are. Craftsman Traditional and captivating, the Craftsman style home is loved by owners who value home and family. Warm and inviting individuals love the flow of this classic home for its functionality and ease of entertaining. If Continue Reading
REPLACE Amazing Meditation Rooms
Your household may seem to swirl like a tornado much of the week, but there are some reprieves from the chaos. Meditation rooms are nothing new and are often added to a home with an Asian-inspiration behind them. You don’t need to have a million-dollar home to enjoy these spaces. From huge, separate rooms to hidden outdoor spaces, feast your Continue Reading
Ikea Preview Ikea’s New Products for 2015
Ikea just announced tons of fantastic new furniture and decor pieces that’ll hit the American market this February. These new collections are unique while maintaining the functional, minimal design aesthetic Ikea is known for, all at those same affordable prices that make the store downright addicting. The NÖRNAS collection of home furnishings from Ikea, which is already available in the Continue Reading
gutter-guards-1024x756 How to Weatherproof a Roof
Savvy homeowners know that top quality roofing keeps your home dry and prevents serious weather damage. But quality roofing only goes so far to fight off the elements—without a bit of maintenance, it can succumb to the elements almost as easily as the low quality stuff that most of us try to avoid. If your roofing is of subpar quality, your Continue Reading
Ace Hotel Ideas to Steal: Ace Hotel Design Style
Whether you’ve been to Ace Hotel in New York, Palm Springs, or Portland, you’ve likely noticed the Ace Hotel design style. The moment you walked into the Ace Hotel, you knew their decorating style had to be part of your home. Take away some of the basic ideas from these eclectic hotels to see your own home flourish into a designer Continue Reading
Deck used as a front entrance walkway. 5 Home Resolutions for the New Year
Everybody and their sister is going to say that eating right and getting in shape are their resolutions for 2015. But we love the idea of including your home in your resolutions—after all, you spend a good chunk of every day inside your house, from cooking to just sleeping. Resolve to better your home in 2015 with these thinkers. May Continue Reading
Christmas_tree_2008 5 Solar-Powered Gifts to Give Your Green Pals
For many, the best part of this gift-giving season is watching the expression of a loved one excitedly opening your gift as you internally shout “nailed it!” while doing the Tiger Woods fist pump. It’s a proud moment for sure, but also one that, understandably, can be hard going at first, for we all have someone in our life for Continue Reading
Via Tidbits and Twine Challenge of the Day: Decorating Boy Bedrooms
The quintessential boy’s bedroom often looks just like this: It’s a nightmare most of the time, forcing parents to just close the door most days. But if the kid likes his surroundings, and it’s designed in such a way that makes storage a breeze, he just might pick up a sock or two. Build a fort If you have the space, build Continue Reading
Via Houzz 7 Rooms That Use IKEA’s Expedit/Kallax Shelving
Some people were truly upset a couple of years ago when IKEA announced plans to discontinue the Expedit series. Basically a bunch of square shelves stuck together, the Expedit series is pretty much perfect for everything from storing records to displaying your favorite collections, to acting as a room divider. IKEA fans breathed a huge sigh of relief, though, upon realizing Continue Reading

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