The word “remodel” doesn’t have to be scary for budget-minded homeowners looking to improve their abodes. While small amounts of savings here and there can add up quickly, you don’t have to cut corners when you can cut costs with these six ways to save on a remodel.

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Rethink the efficiency of your space

You may want to rethink the efficiency of your kitchen, or any other space, before you start knocking down walls or planning a family room addition because you might not need the extra square footage. By installing efficient, custom cabinets with drawers instead of existing shelves, you’ll gain more space than you’d think, and that can save up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Make remodeling your new year’s resolution

You may have more time during summer or Christmas break to tackle your remodel, but hiring contractors during busy summer months or September through December will cost you. Some contractors may offer discounts to keep them busy during their downtime, so be sure to check if scheduling your project in January will save you big bucks.

Say yes to off-the-shelf

Whether you’re replacing windows or adding a new room, make sure your measurements align with those of off-the-shelf products to help stretch your budget. Less cuts for flooring and tile means less waste and more money in your wallet, while a standard door could save you up to $2,000, as opposed to a custom-sized one.

Install salvaged products yourself

If you’re handy around the house, then take your DIY-abilities beyond accessorizing your space by finding recycled building materials or lightly used fixtures and installing them yourself. Your contractor may not want to be responsible for your salvaged products in case something goes wrong, but that just means in addition to saving on your well-priced finds, you’ll also save on labor costs.

Help yourself to your contractor’s leftovers

Your contractor may have extra bits and pieces left from other jobs, but if it’s not enough for flooring or cabinets, ask him or her to source leftovers from their industry contacts. Making a few phone calls can be a lot cheaper than ordering brand-new products, and you’ll not only be able to save up to several thousands, but you’ll also be giving new life to items destined for landfills.

Keep your sink in the same spot

Do your best to work with your existing layout. You’ll be able to save up to $1,000 in plumbing costs by keeping your kitchen sink or other fixture in the same place. However, if you must move that toilet more than a few feet, then take the time to consider upgrading the pipes, too.