Have you experienced the LivingEtc House Tours yet? I write over at The Fairytale Pretty Picture, which is a UK interiors and lifestyle blog, and was invited by the sponsor AO.com to see 5 beautiful houses in North London last month where I saw the most amazing interiors. These houses all had something special about them, each one with a completely different style than the one before. I wanted to share with you three 3 great interior trends…

Copper Accessories

garden copper swing

Photography by Alina Isaev from The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog

Brass and copper accents are totally on trend so it’s no surprise that the very first modern house that I saw in Hampstead utilized this style. I’ve seen copper accessories being used before many times, from dining room cutlery to industrial home office lampshades but I’ve never seen anyone go bigger than that… that was, until I saw this garden! There was a swing seat outdoors that made the most fabulous copper centerpiece. It looked cozy and contemporary simultaneously; perfect for an interior stylist that loves luxurious urbanity.

Eclectic Décor


Photography by Alina Isaev from The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog

The one house that my fellow tour attendees, also interior bloggers, and I were in awe at was the one that had an amalgamation of things from around the world. Although it had a mix of seemingly random things, they all fitted perfectly together and made the most enticing interior. I simply didn’t want to leave but continue touring the house as if it was a gallery. I’d recommend to anyone to try and use their own sentimental purchases on holiday or travels to create a meaningful finish in their home.

Radical Red Additions


Photography by Alina Isaev from The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog

I saw plenty of color schemes throughout the house tours but one that I’ve noticed a few times was the use of bold red. The one that sticks in my mind most is the tall red lamp in a rustic living space. Within muted fawn browns the red added a pop of color to the room as well as a key interest that drew the eye immediately as you stepped into the room. I also liked how red was combined with other bright colors, such as a bold blue, to create a fun finish using simple but stylish cushions to add that something extra special. However you use the color, if it’s a powerful shade be sure to use it sparsely for an effective look.

I hope these inspire you and give you home decorating ideas that you can use in your own home.

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