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    It can be difficult to know where to begin when creating your personal home style. It usually ends up as a mix of the different shapes and styles of furniture you already own, with a trip to the local furniture store to find whatever they have available. But your personal style should be more than convenience—it should be a reflection of the textures and aesthetics that you love most. Here are some tips on discovering the styles that suit your personality best, and how to infuse your home with your own unique brand of design.

    How to find your personal style in the home

    Discover what you enjoy

    Do you feel inexplicably drawn in by the calming hues of oceanic blues and greens? Or is it fiery and vivid shades of oranges and reds that catch your eye? Are you a hoarder of old collectibles who appreciates the ornamental design of traditional furniture, or do you appreciate the sleekness of more modern style? Take note of these preferences and use them as a starting point of inspiration. You’ll suddenly recognize them in your most stylish friend’s home, on the pages of your favorite magazine, or even in the background of a movie. Notice how they incorporate them into their overall style—what catches your eye most, or what doesn’t work—and try replicating these ideas until you find the perfect style combination that is genuinely you.

    How to find your personal style

    Use what you have

    Creating your personal style doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. You can still make use of furniture that you already have, if it’s in good condition. It’s always fun to stretch the creativity muscles with a little DIY project. Maybe you need to change the size of your table, sew on some new chair padding, or repaint the wardrobe—whatever it is, give it a go! This handmade cardboard shelf unit is a unique and thrifty idea for a modern look, using items you were going to dump in the garbage!

    How to find your personal style in the home

    Keep it consistent

    Once you have decided on the colors and the style you want, you can aim to keep the similar look throughout your home, and you will naturally discover new items and décor that fits with what you already have. Sometimes it’s good to have minimalistic designs with a little color to fit in better with the rest of your home. But if you are a total hoarder and like to keep everything you find, get your hands on some attractive storage boxes, which will double as eye-catching decor and give a polished look to all of your clutter. Or even try a mix of everything you love, regardless of design—the homes that include a variety of colors, sizes, textures, and overall look end up being the ones with the most character and effortless style.

    What style have you created for your home? Do you have any tips to share with us? Drop us a line in the comment box—we’d love to hear your stories.

    Written by Alice Taylor. Country manager for English speaking countries at – @aliceista