For most people, it’s pretty standard to adjust the single thermostat and wait for the heat to kick on and warm air to begin whooshing out of all the vents around the house. It’s an easy system, but is it a wasteful one? According to research and experience, you’re probably throwing money away if you rely on a system that uses ducts to move heat around your home. Not only that, but you’re limiting your control over your home, and making it less comfortable than it could be for everyone living there.

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Ducts Lose Energy

If you’re wondering why ductless heating makes sense, you should take a moment and learn how inefficient ducted systems really are. While it makes sense to try and heat the house from one central location—and it’s pretty convenient to use a single furnace to heat your house—it’s just not that efficient. All that heat produced by the furnace has to be moved all over the house through ducts. Even ducts that are heavily insulated will let some of that heat escape into the surrounding space. That means that you’re losing heat in unimportant areas of your home all the time as it travels to the desired destination. A great deal of heat is lost to exterior walls and other non-essential areas of the house.

Ductless systems, on the other hand, deliver heat right where it’s needed. No heat is lost to ducts because there are no ducts to worry about—instead, the system kicks on and heat floods into the space right away.

More Energy Saving Opportunities

Another reason that ductless systems make sense is that you can heat your home at different temperatures. There are some areas, like the living room or bedroom, that you’ll use all the time. That spare bedroom or storage room probably doesn’t need to be quite as warm as the other spaces around your home. That’s why it’s so convenient to be able to set those spaces at a lower temperature. You can still keep them at a level that isn’t going to harm anything in your home, but you’ll save energy by keeping them at a lower temperature than the rest of your home.

Being able to set the temperature of multiple sections of your home independently should also satisfy the different occupants of your home if you don’t live alone. That’s because everyone will have more control over the temperature. Those who like it hot can turn up the heat, and those who like it cooler can turn it down.

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Heating Ducts

It Saves Space

Whether you realize it or not, running all the ducts for a ducted heating system takes up a lot of space. You’ll need to dedicate ceiling and wall space to fit all those ducts into your home. They will intrude on your closets and could even cost you some architectural or design features that you want in your home. A ductless system is more compact, and you don’t have to worry about having all those different ducts running around your home. You’ll have multiple units in your home rather than that one central furnace, but they are smaller in size and will take up much less space than all the ducts would.

Cut Installation Costs

Ductless systems are remarkably simple to install. Since no ducts have to be run, it’s pretty much a matter of running a couple small lines through the wall and mounting the outside and inside units. Not only will you have a more efficient home, but you’ll save money on installation, too.

You won’t be able to cut installation costs if you’re talking about putting in ductless units into a home that already has existing ducts though, and that’s something to consider. Instead, you would be raising the costs substantially. When you put in a series of ductless heaters around your home instead of just putting in a more efficient furnace, you’re spending more up front to save some money later on down the road. For many people it’s more than worth it to go that route, but for others the money up front might not be as convenient.

If you’re trying to figure out how to cut your energy bills, or if you want more control over the temperature of your home—especially different temperatures in different rooms—consider getting a ductless system put in place instead of a ducted one. Not only will you cut your energy costs, but you’ll also open up space that you wouldn’t have otherwise. For some people, the added space is more than enough to help them make the decision in the first place.