A chic boutique is the epitome of luxury: everything is clean, calm, and carefully curated. Bring that vibe to your master closet and enjoy the look of luxury shopping every day without spending a dime. An elegantly designed closet makes getting ready in the mornings a relaxing ritual rather than a hurried frenzy, and all it takes is a few luxe touches to get your master closet from nothing special to your favorite room in the whole house.


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Grand entrance. Start just outside your closet by upgrading the doors. Glass doors will allow light to suffuse an otherwise dark room—a must when assembling outfits and coordinating colors. Mirrored doors won’t have quite the same effect but will help to bounce the light around. Choosing just the right door hardware—rustic? bohemian? antique?—sets the tone for what lies beyond these doors.

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It’s all in the details. Architectural details like crown molding can make quite a stylish transformation for not a lot of money. If you’ve already outfitted other rooms in your house with crown molding, don’t discount the effect it can have in your master bedroom closet, too. This simple addition will make your closet feel much less like a closet and more like an additional room in your master suite.


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Play with light. No one likes to go shopping in the dark, and unless your closet has the benefit of a natural light source, you’re going to need to seriously up your lighting game. A chandelier, whether it’s sparkly crystal  or strikingly modern, can make a dramatic statement in a small space and set the tone for the room. Under-shelf lighting is easy to install and will further illuminate your clothes, making it easy to fashion just the right outfit.


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Wearable art. If you have the wall space, consider adding some eye-catching art to the walls by framing a treasured item of clothing—your wedding dress, or some vintage silk scarves, perhaps. It’s a great way to give a second life to an item you’re not likely to wear again. Consider it your equivalent to a designer’s archives.


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Show off your assets. A boutique has all of their best stuff on display—and so should you. If you have a fabulous pair of shoes or a stunning handbag, make sure it’s highlighted. Mirrors and glass domes can help creating stunning displays, and it’s easy to swap items out when you’re ready for a fresh look.


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A visual anchor. A center island can do double duty as a surface for folding clothes in addition to housing folded items like T-shirts and socks. It’s also a great space to display a few treasured family photos or add of vase of fresh flowers. If space is at a premium, even a couple of square feet can be incredibly useful. A small chest of drawers or sofa table can also work if your situation calls for something less permanent. Choose a mirrored or marble top for extra luxe effect.


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A soft place to land. Shopping can be tiring, even in your own closet, so don’t forget to add a spot where you can take a load off, enjoy the view, and flip through glossy fashion magazines for inspiration. A tufted ottoman fits the bill, bringing in a new texture and giving you an opportunity to play with color.


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Everything in its place. Jewelry should be easily accessible for quick accessorizing or to serve as the jumping-off point for your next fabulous outfit. Divided velvet-lined drawers keep your baubles organized and ensure that everything is right at your fingertips. Add locks to the drawers to give you peace of mind when you’re away from home.


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Take advantage of space constraints. Use the smaller square footage in your closet to your advantage when decorating, and add the premium details you would find in a boutique. The price of designer wallpaper is a lot easier to swallow when you only need a few rolls, and you might even get lucky and find something fabulous that’s been discontinued for super cheap. If your walls are already covered by built-ins, spring for flooring that you wouldn’t be likely to use in other areas of your home, such as marble. If you do opt for a hardwood or stone floor, don’t forget to add a few throw rugs for warmth.


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It’s the little things. Boutiques are perfect down to the last detail, and your master closet can be, too. Tiny details like making sure all of your hangers match can do wonders to help create a cohesive look in your closet. Add extra touches like a scented candle and fresh cut flowers to make the room feel lived in.


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Mirror, mirror. Reflections don’t lie, and just like if you were shopping at your favorite store, you’ll want to give yourself the once over before committing to your outfit for the day. An oversized mirror leaned up against the wall can serve as both a focal point for the room and a spot to double-check that your shirt isn’t on inside out.