The kitchen is the center of the home. This is true whether you are a single, young professional living in a studio apartment or the homemaker in a large home built for your family of six. Hours of our week are spent in the kitchen feeding ourselves, our friends, and our family. Anytime one space gets so much of your time, it should be a space with a look you love.

If you are considering giving this well-used and well-loved space of yours a revamp, there are so many trends to choose from. When it comes to picking out cabinet colors, flooring, and counter types, we have you covered. Keep reading for a snapshot of everything that’s hot in kitchen remodels.

Elegant Kitchen in New Luxury Home

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 Floor Plans

Open floor plans have gained popularity in recent years. Even though now everyone is ready to commit fully to the open floor plan, transitional kitchens are getting a lot of love this year. These kitchens combine a functional kitchen with a casual sit-down area, and homeowners are designing their kitchens to harmonize with the look and feel of the rest of their home.

Cabinet Colors

Almost half of homeowners in the United States have chosen white as their color of choice for their kitchen cabinet for the last few years. However, another color has been gaining popularity in 2015. Gray is expected to compete with white over the next few years, and white may even lose its spot at the top. And as far as color themes go, the classic look of black and white is the favorite choice in kitchens of all styles, along with a neutral look which gives homeowners creative flexibility in the rest of the house.

Countertop Materials

Natural stone and quartz countertops continue to be the most popular choice in kitchens. However, homeowners aren’t sticking with the same old color choices. This year, neutral countertops are the favorite. These light colors work well with the modern look, which we know has been a favorite style for quite some time.



Longevity wins over affordability when it comes to flooring this year. Not only do homeowners love the look of the hardwood floor, but they know it is much more durable than alternative flooring materials, which have been popular in the past.

Functional Details

Functional details are hot in 2015. Technology has found its place in the kitchen and it’s here to stay. Automated faucets and motion-activated sensors for lighting are among the most popular tech upgrades for homeowners.

Fun Details

Our team at Modernize loves how much personality is infusing kitchen remodels this year. Brightly colored apron sinks are adding a pop of color to the kitchen, looking great in combination neutral spaces. Materials such as wood and stone are being used together on countertops, and homeowners are being encouraged to design their own backsplashes to match their personal taste.

If a kitchen remodel is in the works this year, know your choices should ultimately be made based on what you love and what works with your lifestyle. Use the trends listed above to guide you in your plan for creating the perfect kitchen, and you are bound to fall in love with your brand-new space.