Tile is truly a superhero building material. We almost always see it in bathrooms, because it stands up well in damp conditions, it’s resistant to staining, and it’s easy to clean. It’s durable and stylish enough to be used on the floors, walls, shower stalls, and even as a decorative accent. Sometimes the entire room is tiled!

But if you’re choosing tile for your own bathroom remodel, don’t think that you’re limited to the traditional porcelain standards. Modern tile options for bathroom remodels include everything from shiny, colorful glass tiles to natural stones like travertine and luxe options such as Carrara marble. Here are 15 ways to incorporate gorgeous tile designs in your next bathroom remodel:


Tile as a Textile

Inlaid black and white tiles mimic the appearance of an area rug (which wouldn’t be a very practical addition next to a bathtub), calling attention to the sleek white pedestal tub. This is a great example of using tile design to cleverly break up a larger room.


Bold Hues

Polished glass subway tile in a vibrant orange hue gives a bathroom a fun, modern vibe. Because it’s impervious to water, tile is a great choice in high-traffic bathrooms that might be prone to lots of splashing. Glass tile reflects light well and can help make a small space feel less confining.


Elegant Marble

For a truly luxurious master bathroom, there’s no other choice but marble. Using it for the floors as well as the walls creates a truly opulent bathroom. Both Carrara marble and Calacatta marble are commonly used in bathrooms. Carrara marble tends to be a bit grayer and features softer veining, but you should choose Calacatta marble if you’re looking for bolder, more dramatic veining and an overall whiter appearance.


Calming Colors

A blue tiled bathroom is clean and serene. Selecting different types and sizes of tile in the same color family creates a monochromatic bathroom with depth and texture, despite sticking to the same material.


Rustic Stone

If you want your master bathroom to feel like nothing less than a world-class spa, choose slate tiles for the floor. Slate is a natural stone that’s extremely durable and stain resistant. It also tends to be warmer than other natural stones, such as marble, and that’s an important consideration for a room you’ll most likely be barefoot in.


Tile as Far as the Eye Can See

If you have the space and want a dramatic look, consider extending the tiling to the ceiling, as well. Warm travertine tile, a natural stone just like marble and slate, creates a cohesive look in a large bathroom.


Mosaic Borders

Tile can also serve as a design element in much smaller quantities. Small glass tiles can create a mosaic borders around mirrors or soaking tubs. Since glass tiles are available in nearly every color imaginable, they can work in virtually any bathroom and with any decor.


Scale Down

Tiny bathroom? Don’t let that stop you from choosing tile. Opting for a small-scale tile for the floors can actually make the room seem larger. A simple black and white pattern packs a big punch of visual interest without overwhelming the space.


Mix and Match

Bathrooms that mix different types of tiles feel fun and contemporary. While the floor is a rather expected natural stone tile, the angled inlay keeps the room from feeling too boxy. Hand painted tiles become a unique backsplash behind the sinks and tub, and the clean lines of the shower keep the focus on the rest of the bathroom.



Decorative, hand painted tiles can pack quite a design punch, particularly when used in smaller quantities, like in a shower stall. If the budget allows, these are worth splurging on for the visual interest they add to the bathroom.


Bold Patterns

Here’s another example of decorative tile done well. This time the tile extends halfway up the wall, but the larger design and muted color palette keep it from overwhelming the rest of the room.


Quirky Shapes

Think outside of the box and look for tiles that are a unique shape, such as these diamond shape tiles. While they might not work for covering a large surface like a floor, they do work great in smaller areas, such as a backsplash behind the sink.


Hexagon tiles are another unique shape to utilize in the bathroom. In an understated marble and laid out in a honeycomb pattern, the look is fresh and clean.


Simulate Brick

Lusting for an architectural detail that’s just not happening in your bathroom? See if you can recreate the look with tile. Glass subway tile in muted tones mimic the look of exposed brick behind the soaking tub, with nary a brick in sight.



Classic White

With all of the many tile options available, the old standby white porcelain can still be a great option in a bathroom. It compliments a variety of decorating choices and will keep your bathroom feeling fresh for years to come.