While bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in a home, they can also be the most time consuming and costly rooms to remodel. Before beginning your revamp, it’s important to carefully research the many options for each area of your bathroom, and plan carefully based on your budget, skill level, and desired time frame for completing the remodel. Here’s an overview of bathtub and cabinet remodel choices to get you started!


Remodeling your tub: replace, cover, or resurface?

When it comes to a bathtub overhaul, there are essentially three choices to consider.

The first choice, replacing your tub, may be the best choice if you are already planning a complete bathroom remodel. Because a bathtub replacement may require additional work on plumbing, this can be a labor intensive and expensive project, requiring an outside professional to complete most of the work.

The second option is to cover your tub with a liner. If you can find a company who will easily supply a liner to fit your tub, consider yourself lucky, because this will likely be the most affordable option. However, if your bathroom is small, or if your tub has an unconventional shape, it may be difficult to find the right liner for your bathtub. If you have intermediate home repair skills, you should be able to complete this on your own.

Your last option is to have your bathtub reglazed by a professional. If you have an older, high quality tub, reglazing will likely produce the highest quality results for your bathroom. The cost of reglazing can be expensive, usually just under $1000, and the process is time consuming, requiring a professional to complete the job.

Choosing your approach for a bathtub remodel isn’t the only decision to make—you should thoughtfully consider the fixtures as well. Since cheap fixtures won’t withstand daily use for very long, and can be a hassle to replace, this is where homeowners should splurge.


Remodeling Your Cabinets: Replace, Reface, or Paint?

Similarly to your bathtubs, there are three popular options for revamping your bathroom cabinets.

First, you can choose to simply replace your cabinets entirely—which really makes sense if you’re planning to completely gut your bathroom and start from scratch. This option is among the most costly, but there are many affordable options, including IKEA vanities. With these options, you may be able to complete this project on your own, which will save you money on labor.

Secondly, you can reface your cabinets. Refacing is becoming incredibly popular since it allows you to completely change the look of your bathroom cabinets without the hassle or cost of replacement. In most cases, refacing is a time consuming project and requires an experienced professional to complete. However, the final cost of refacing comes in at right about 50 percent of replacement, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

Lastly, for the least expensive way to upgrade your cabinets, a fresh coat of paint will completely revamp your bathroom’s look. You’ll make up for saved money in lost hours, however, since this project requires incredible attention to detail and a significant amount of time. Preparing your cabinets for paint is the most time consuming portion of this projects, and it is crucial that you understand how to properly prepare them in order to get the best possible finish.

Before refacing, replacing, or repainting your bathroom cabinets, carefully consider the style of cabinet which will fit best in your home. Right now, the popular classic designs are inset or beadboard cabinets. If you feel more at home with a vintage feel, try a distressed finish for a homey, lived-in look. And if modern is more your thing, flat, louvered, and shaker cabinetry are all smart choices for a polished and chic aesthetic.

Whether you choose a complete bathroom remodel, or simply an inexpensive face-lift for your bathtub and cabinets, choose a professional contractor with a reputation of high quality work. In the end, you are the one living in your home, so carefully plan a bathroom space you will love for years to come.