It’s no secret that we love to get our hands dirty on a new home remodeling and design project—and we love sharing the how-to’s here with you. However, many of these projects require a substantial amount of time and effort, and many aren’t exactly kid friendly.

Once summer finishes and fall rolls around, you might just run out of time to complete the major redecoration works you’ve been planning. Although the time for major home renovations has passed for the year, there are still plenty of ways you can spruce up your home before the holidays. The best part? Everyone can take part! Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Front porch decorations

Your home’s exterior is like the front cover of a book: we all know we’re not supposed to judge it, but we do. Make your front porch or entryway holiday ready with a bold autumnal wreath and climate-appropriate planters. If you still have a few pumpkins lying around after Halloween, don’t worry—they work perfectly as part of a harvest theme. Just make sure you ditch the skeletons and bats in favor of fall leaves and greenery!


thanksgiving door wreath

DIY centerpieces

The holiday season is all about sharing time with family and friends. What better place to do this than around the dining table for a festive meal? Make your own dining room centerpiece with candles, seasonal greenery, and yes, more pumpkins and gourds. This particular design is perfect for the whole season because you can switch out your accents and reuse the wooden box for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, or whatever wintry holidays you and your family celebrate.

Fireplace styling

As the old adage states, the hearth is the heart of the home. If your home is blessed with a working fireplace, then you’ll need to get your wood burning fire and chimney ready for winter with safety checks and a good clean. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to decorate. Choose a selection of home decor pieces that vary in height, depth, and color to arrange on your mantelpiece. Involve the whole family with a handmade garland or bunting made from fabric, pinecones, and nuts or berries. If you want to add a touch of green, choose firs and other pine branches that will last you through Christmas, too (just make sure to replace dried-out branches, as they cause a major fire hazard!).


Wall of thanks

A truly inspirational way to give your home a personal touch is with a wall of thanks. Hang photographs and prints of the people, places, and things you love best on your entryway wall or somewhere you will see it often. Let the kids choose their favorites, too, and spend an afternoon painting picture frames or canvases and affixing your prints to them. Save the hanging for the person with the most patience, making sure they have a tape measure and a spirit level!

Festive baking

Nothing says holiday time like baked goodies and treats. Gather the kids, rifle through family recipes, and choose your favorite holiday sweets and baked goods to make together. If you have older children, it might be time to teach them the ropes so you don’t spend all of your evenings up until Christmas baking dozens and dozens of gingerbread men alone. An added advantage to a family baking session is the collection of heavenly smells that will fill your home.

Kitchen Storage

Family room redo

If you’ve completed all these festive projects and are still itching for a real remodeling job, pick your most frequented room (the living room or family room, maybe?) and give it a quick redo. If the room needs a new coat of paint, you probably still have time before the holidays. A quick change of cushions, throws, area rugs, and curtains will have your room looking almost unrecognizable. Choose deep reds and oranges for an autumnal feel, and don’t neglect your walls. One or two pieces of bold artwork on the wall will change the entire feel of the room.

Living room Mod