Like the caveman of yore, the modern man needs a space to call his own—a private sanctuary to watch the game, lose himself in a hobby, or hang out with friends. The man cave has been referred to as “the last bastion of masculinity,” and while most men wouldn’t mind if it were furnished with a big screen television and the futon they had in college, a man cave can be so much more sophisticated than that.

Any spare bedroom, basement, garage, or den can easily become a tricked-out man cave. But before diving into a man cave decor project, consider how the man in question likes to spend his time. Poring over books while enjoying a Scotch? Cheering on his favorite team with a group of friends? Binge-watching Netflix? The answer will heavily influence the direction you take. A man who likes to spend the weekend waxing his classic car might not be so impressed with a home theater system, no matter how awesome it is.

Here are 9 ideas to get you started, taxidermied animals optional.


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Go dark. For the man who wants to spend his downtime reading with his feet up, focus on providing plenty of comfortable seating, like a classic leather chesterfield sofa. Leather is the material of choice when it comes to decorating a man cave, because it’s spill resistant, always in style, and ages beautifully. While dark walls might make your main living space feel claustrophobic, a small den is a great spot to experiment with a bold hue. Charcoal gray creates a refined ambiance, and the neutral walls are a great base for mixing in more colorful furnishings and an eclectic mix of decor.


Music man. For a musician, a man cave for stashing equipment and instruments is a must-have. A large desk provides ample room for composing and recording. If the room can be sound-proofed to allow for all-night jam sessions without disturbing the home’s other occupants, even better. Hang instruments on the wall the same way you would a piece of art (they probably cost as much as one, anyway!), but don’t forget to add in a few vintage band posters, as well.


The classic. For a man cave that doubles as functional home office, you can’t go wrong with solid wood built-ins to house a personal library, well-worn leather chairs, and a spacious desk. A textured ceiling keeps the room from feeling too dark or heavy, and original art adds personality and color.


Sports bar. Any die-hard sports fan would love a sweet set-up for watching the big game with his buddies. Stadium-style seating ensures everyone has a great view, while a bar provides additional seating and a place to stash snacks for half-time. Enlist the help of blackout shades to keep window glare from interfering.


Gone fishing. Recreational fishermen will appreciate having a dedicated man cave to tie lures and store tackle boxes. Complement the room’s purpose with vintage tin signs and taxidermied fish. It’s a room that would make Hemingway proud.


Garage Talk. If space is at a premium inside, the garage can be co-opted to create a spacious man cave.  Of course, he may prefer to leave it full of oil spots and car parts, but coating the floor with epoxy is a low-cost way to take the space from grimy to finished. Industrial cabinets and shelving provide ample storage for tools and the rest of his “toys.” A garage man cave is a great opportunity to take the fun decor a step further, with neon lights to set the tone for a playful room.


On the rocks. For the man who enjoys entertaining friends, think “What would Don Draper do?” and add a well-stocked bar. You don’t need a bottle of every liquor known to man, but a few top shelf bottles and decent barware will certainly let friends know you take your nightcaps seriously.


Heavy lifting. Who says a man cave has to be for sitting idly? For the fitness-obsessed man, a home gym is better than any big screen TV. Choose a bright, energetic wall color. Rubber tiles are a solid choice for flooring in a room that’s likely to deal with dropped weights. Don’t forget the mini-fridge for stashing bottled water and protein drinks.


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Game on. Platforms of the past won’t be forgotten in cubbies illuminated by under-cabinet lighting. Controllers and games can be stashed nearby. For the gamer, a great sound system and mini-fridge stocked with energy drinks is non-negotiable.