If you have a classic fireplace and mantel in your home, consider me a touch jealous! In my ten years of renting and home ownership, I’ve only lived in one house with a respectable mantel. Sadly, we were only there for one Christmas. It was grand while we had it—such fond memories of seeing our Christmas stockings hanging and surrounded by traditional red brick. Dare I say, Christmas perfection!

But for all those other years, I’ve had to rely on more creative alternatives when it comes to displaying our Christmas stockings. And I know I’m not the only one. If you are in my shoes, then you also have a home without a mantel, and yet the pile of festive stockings sit on the floor eager to be hung this December. But where?

Take a gander at these ideas to creatively hang your stockings and be inspired—because a home without a mantel doesn’t mean a home without Christmas spirit. And if you’re lucky enough to have a mantel, I have included plenty of fresh ways to display your family’s stockings while they wait for Mr. Claus to swing by on Christmas Eve!


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Clever Curtain Rods

Skip individual hangers and use a curtain rod—brilliant! This could be a bit heavy, so when you are choosing your curtain rod, opt for something lightweight. Or, make sure you affix your two stocking hangers to the mantel. Try using an adhesive strip so it is easily removed after the holidays—Command strips have become a saving grace for many household decorations in my home!


Festive Fencing

Our living room has a spare wall and I can’t think of a simpler DIY than this cute fence display for stockings. With just a handful of hooks and boards, you and your loved ones can team up in one afternoon and create a memorable addition to your Christmas decor. For extra rustic charm, use different styles of hooks placed at different heights. Mix and match is all the rage!

Another idea is to jazz up the fence look with paint and your favorite holiday greeting! This would be a wonderful project for kids to jump in on. Give them each a board to paint with their preferred Christmas color, and once they boards are dry, you can stencil or freehand your chosen phrase.


Seasonal Stairs

Stairs are an ideal place to hang stockings. The railings make spacing and placement a cinch, and now your staircase is seasonally festive and functional! I tied my stockings on with shimmery gold ribbon and added a homemade pinecone garland (thank you, twine and hot glue!) to drape above the stockings. Then, when the stockings come down after Christmas, I’ll still have a touch of winter decor for a cozy touch throughout January.


DIY Hangers

If your stockings don’t have names or other personalization, why not hang them from photo stocking hangers that are easily homemade? I love that the photos can be updated every year and, well, us moms can shed a tear over how much our kids have grown each year when we update them.


Mobile Mantel

Stockings in the entry or dining room? Why not! Plus, just think of all the other decor you could hang from this unique iron rod throughout the year! Holiday decor that has more than one purpose is just smart. This iron rod—or even a wooden strip affixed to the wall—could easily display birthday banners and other seasonal greetings, too.

If the iron rod isn’t quite your taste, you can achieve your mobile mantel with something more nature-inspired. Take a long winter walk and find a sturdy stick to display your stockings—such a rustic look will also hold fond memories from your outdoor adventure. This homey idea is especially noteworthy if you have lots of stockings to hang.Got a spare stepladder that doesn’t get much use outside of the garage? You’ve just found a quaint way to showcase your stockings this year! Try a corner ladder woven with Christmas lights to add a cheery glow. This is a perfect project for those with limited floor space.

Sleeping with the Stockings

Confession: I’ve saved my favorite for last—this metal headboard stocking wall. You better believe I’ll be keeping my eye out for something like this before next Christmas! Once again, this could easily find a place in an entry, dining room, or living room. And like the iron rod I fell in love with above, this piece can add dimension to your home decor all year long. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Have you found creative ways to display your stockings during the Christmas season? Tell us about it!