When it comes to the never-ending amount of children’s toys that flood our homes every day, it can start to feel like we’re fighting an ever-losing battle. Isn’t there a saying that trying to clean your house with kids is like shoveling your sidewalk while it’s still snowing?

Of course we all want to let our kids play to their heart’s content, but we also want to live in a well-organized home, since it makes life easier for us—and also for our kids, who won’t have to lose their favorite playthings ever again. To ensure that you and your children, along with their toys o’ plenty, can live in happy harmony, it’s time to instill some sneaky solutions for your every day toy storage. Is it a couch, an ottoman, or just a toy box? Only you will know the truth.

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Hidden toy drawers provide ample storage

Image via The Sunny Side Up

via The Sunny Side Up Blog

Plenty of deep storage for even the clunkiest toys, and it disappears within the push of a drawer. To create a toy room with maximum storage efficiency, you can DIY this project if you’re particularly handy, or simply ask hire a contractor to help you achieve this space- and headache-saving idea. Plus, clean-up is a snap. Just throw in the toys and close!

A window seat does double duty for storage and seating

Image via Thrifty and Chic

via Thrifty and Chic

This simple DIY project is ideal for families that don’t have a separate kid-activity room or who just want their children to have access to toys in the main living room of the house, without having the avalanche of stuffed animals and plastic army men completely take everything over. This savvy homeowner DIY’d a pair of old shelves, turned them on their sides, and voila—an instant window seat/toy storage solution

An ottoman opens up for storage that still looks sleek

Image via Target.com

via Target

An ottoman with hidden storage, like this trendy tufted version, is a simple way to provide seating and toy storage. You could stash a few ottomans around the house or in a toy room for playtime where you least expect it.


A table that converts into a train station or Lego central

Image via Kim Six Fix

via Kim Six Fix

This isn’t just a common everyday table, my friends. This is a table that doubles as a train station, toy storage, and Lego command central. Genius! And it only cost about $70 to build this particular living room staple.

Add shelving to a dresser for easy extra storage


This isn’t hidden storage per se, but it’s a great solution for adding storage to existing pieces. You already own dressers, so you’ll simply be improving on a piece of furniture you already use every single day. This thrifty mom painted some spice racks to match and added them to the sides of her son’s dresser for some handy and accessible book storage.

Under-the-bed storage is easy, efficient, and cost-effective

Image via Jenna's Blog

via Jenna Burger Design

No monsters under the bed—just toys! You can create your own rolling drawers by adding wheels from your local hardware store to the bottom of some shallow drawers for easy storage that slides in and out of view.

An entertainment center isn’t just for adults

Image via Simply Organized

via Simply Organized

The other day, I realized that almost all of the DVDs we currently owned were all available on Netflix. So why exactly am I hanging on to all of those DVDs and cases that we never even watch and that the baby constantly steals and flings all over the house? I finally admitted defeat and donated a bunch of old DVDs, which freed up a lot of previously used space in our entertainment center for—you guessed it—toy storage. Those shallow drawers made a perfect space for puzzles and my kid’s favorite games. And no one would ever guess the amount of toy clutter you had stashed in these eye-catching wicker baskets.