For the DIY savvy among us, or for those who want to save a little bit of money on holiday decorations this year, there are thousands of projects online to help you create your own Santas, Christmas trees, and snowmen to decorate the house. Thankfully for you, we’ve trawled the Internet for the best DIY snowman projects so that you don’t have to. Here are 10 of the most creative (and one of the oddest) ways to make your own snowmen at home. Take a look and get crafting!

Snowman Pumpkin

via Available Idea

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Pumpkins are an amazingly versatile craft medium and are suitable for much more than Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you or your local farmer’s market have a few pumpkins left over, simply paint them white and stack them on top of each other for an instant snowman or two.

sock snowman


This project is perfect for even the least crafty of us, since these DIY sock snowmen require no sewing and can be made with just a sock and some rice. Add as many or as few decorations as you like, and you’re all set!

Sea Salt Snowman

Sea salt

If you want to make your own snow, coarse sea salt or rock salt is one of the easiest ways to achieve the same textured look. Sprinkle your homemade snow onto foam or polystyrene balls and your snowmen will look more realistic.

Snowman wreath

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Who says that wreaths can only be decorated with holly and ivy? Choose a cardboard base at your local craft store or spray paint bare-branched wreaths and stack one on top of the other. Your finished project will look perfect as a festive door decoration, or pretty much anywhere else around the house.

lightbulb snowman

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Light bulbs

Ever wondered what to do with all those old light bulbs? Make a snowman tree ornament, of course! Paint your bulbs white or leave clear for a more transparent effect. Then add a face, scarf, and hat, and you’re finished. It really is that easy. Just make sure children have lots of supervision here!

string snowman

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Balls of String or Twine

If you happen to have a few spare balls of string or twine, make your own mini snowman family by gluing them together and painting. This is another great family friendly project, so start searching through your junk drawers now.

via Hative

via Hative

Bottle caps

Another charming ornament design comes from used bottle caps. Glue them together, paint, and affix a length of string on the top for hanging. This is a perfect project for snowy afternoons, so settle down with a cup of cocoa and some Christmas tunes while the whole family makes some bottle cap snowmen.


Paper Garland Snowmen

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This one seems obvious, but some of the best crafted snowmen are made from paper. In this instance, we’re thinking about three dimensional varieties made from card stock and hung as garlands or displayed on a mantelpiece. This project is as difficult or as simple as you make it, so let your imagination run wild.

via Pioneer Settler

via Pioneer Settler

Wooden planks

Snowmen made from painted wood planks are super easy to decorate and take hardly any time at all. Use sanded strips of wood for a cleaner finish, or reuse old planks for a more rustic wooden snowman. These make great Christmas gifts, so the more you make, the more money you save on expensive store-bought gifts.

paper mache snowman

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For a traditional craft project that anyone can complete, make your own papier-mâché snowmen. Simply stick strips of paper covered with Mod Podge onto a bowl or balloons of varying sizes, allow to dry, and then paint your desired color.

Snowman Toilet

via Maggie’s Crochet

Bonus: Toilets

You read that right. The number one weirdest way to make your own snowman is to decorate your toilet. Who needs a plain old commode when you can have one adorned with Frosty’s face? If this is your idea of a fantastic craft project, then more power to you. Forgive us if we don’t join in on this one!