According to at least one of your older relatives, there are hard and fast rules for matching: no brown belt with black shoes, no combining prints, and no mixing metals. But sometimes, breaking a rule can pay off, and this is certainly true of incorporating mixed metals in your home decor. Whether you lean toward eclectic, vintage, or contemporary, there’s a classy way to mix metallic finishes. Here are a few ideas to help you get the look.

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Find a Central Piece with Multiple Metals


If mixing and matching feels out of your home decor comfort zone, start with a large focal piece that contains two metallic tones. From there, it will be easy to select smaller pieces of either one tone or the other.

Look to the Details


Maybe one statement piece is too bold for you. No worries! You can look to the little things to bring this eclectic look to life. This room incorporates iron hardware with silver-tone accessories while managing to accomplish a rustic feel.

It’s All about How Your Frame it


Another easy way to mix and match is to start with frames. While an elaborate chandelier is a little more difficult to test in a room, frames are a simple way to get the feel for what you want. You can rearrange them to get the perfect look. In this room, the matching silvertone pieces anchor the look, allowing for experimentation elsewhere.

Don’t Limit Yourself


There are almost too many metallic finishes to name in this bathroom, but it works. The yellow-gold and silver are incorporated together in the same pieces, which is an easy way to make sure one accent is not overbearing. The bronzy chandelier ties into the mirror frames on the gallery wall, while the silver motif is anchored by the sink and tub hardware.

Go Vintage


When you stop by estate sales or inherit items from a loved one, you end up with varied pieces that inexplicably just work—and that is the power of mixed metals. The elaborate iron detailing on the mirror makes a statement, but it doesn’t clash with the scattered hints of silver and gold here and there.

Be Fearless with Other Accents


The mixed metal features don’t have to be the only audacious aspect of the room. If you really want to establish a colorful and diverse style that breaks all the rules, go wild with throw pillows, vases, and rugs. Even if it’s not obvious at a glance, make sure to find at least one color or texture motif to provide the foundation. In this room, the rust-orange, red, and blue are echoed, giving consistency to an otherwise potentially chaotic space. The goldentone chandelier and silvertone lamps become a subtle detail comparatively.

Get Comfortable with Copper

Copper home decor

Of all the metallic tones, copper feels the most “brassy” (pardon the pun). If not pulled off well, it tends to look a little chintzy. But in spite of its questionable reputation, copper is pushing its way into the home decor spotlight. At the moment you can find copper tea kettles, decorative pots and pans, light fixtures, picture frames, hardware…all of which bring a unique charm that silver, gold, chrome, iron, and brass just can’t deliver.

Go Pale for a Clean Look


On the other hand, your mixed metals don’t have to make a statement at all. This pale golden chandelier is subtle and refined, a perfect complement to the soft silver hardware. The chandelier stands out in the room without completely casting the minimalistic decor in shadow.

Don’t be afraid to get experimental, but remember to carry motifs throughout the space to avoid a look of chaos. Now start brainstorming ways to bring this beautiful trend into your home!