You’re all moved in, the furniture is set in place, and you’re feeling pretty good until you look around and realize—the walls are blank at every turn!

Most people spend at least a couple weeks—if not months—deciding what to put up on their walls. And more and more, I see them falling back on the trusty old gallery wall to fill big swaths of space. I’m guilty of this, too, since more frames means more of that blank wall will be covered! Unfortunately, a well-designed gallery wall can be tricky to put together, since it requires a lot of materials in art, photographs, and frames—plus plenty of time in planning, layout, and installation. Sometimes, even after all that, it still doesn’t look quite right.

Luckily, there are plenty more options that you might have never considered. Here are six simple but unique ways you can finally fill that big, intimidating wall.

Oversized Art and 5 other ways to decorate a big wall.

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Oversized Art

One large statement piece covers all the space, and it also drives much more impact than a grouping of smaller pieces. And with the Internet, you can find statement art for reasonable prices on Etsy, or through print companies. Or why not DIY a big painting on canvas? Something as simple as some lines and color can have the look of an expensive modern art piece for a fraction of the cost. Other statement art to think about includes framing large colorful scarves (found at your local thrift shop!) or old maps or movie posters—it’s a perfect way to showcase your unique collection.

Hanging Hats and 5 other ways to decorate a blank wall copy


Hats are back, baby. But not only to wear. They’re a fun item to have in quantity and arrange on a wall as a collection. You can hang them from a wire line—as shown above photo—put up some hat hooks, or even just stick them up with thumbtacks. Not only are they beautiful all hanging on the wall, but you can grab one at a moment’s notice to wear for the day without interrupting your new DIY wall art.

Wall Tapestry and 5 other ways to decorate an empty wall

Textiles as Art

This very image inspired me to hang a blanket on the wall of my boys’ room as the focal point. Blankets and rugs are large by nature, so they cover a blank wall nicely, and they add a coziness to the space that hung frames can’t do. With the rise of global, bohemian design right now, there are countless options for cool blankets, rugs, sheets, and wall textiles available.

A Big Flag and 5 other ways to decorate an empty wall

A Flag

There is something about a flag, old or new, that inspires some sentiment and creates conversation. That makes it a perfect alternative wall decoration for any room! They come in a variety of sizes, but for the biggest impact, get the largest one your wall can fit. They’re lightweight, they hang on tacks or nails, and they can be taken down to clean from time to time with ease. Piece of cake!

Wallpaper and 5 other ways to decorate a big wall


A few years ago, everyone was still scraping wallpaper off of their walls to paint everything white, and now we’re all hustling to get some back up! Not only does wallpaper make an interesting backdrop to a room, it adds whatever colors, pattern, and feeling you’d like across the whole wall, essentially turning the entire space into art. It’s a perfect addition to small spaces like bathrooms or entryways, but also can be used as a fun addition to a big, blank wall in any room in the house.

Wall of Bookshelves and 5 other ways to decorate a big wall


It’s always satisfying when your home decor is not only beautiful but useful, too. Hanging a whole wall of bookshelves achieves that perfect balance. The different styles, colors, and items that grace your bookshelves can vary with your style, and even with the seasons. The shelves make the house feel livable, cozy, and grounded.

We’ve lived in our home for almost three years and I still have plenty of blank walls to fill. I’ve also already implemented some of these ideas into my own spaces, and I hope you find them useful for yours. Any others you’d add? Share with us in the comments below!