With solar power increasing in popularity and use, it can feel overwhelming to have to narrow down the number of solar companies in order to find one that will help with installation— much less narrow down which solar panel manufacturer you want to use. If you’re just starting your search for solar panel companies, we’ve compiled a list of the top solar companies to get you started. Use this list as a starting off point to research companies in your area and then request a quote from a solar panel contractor in your area.

Another approach to finding a solar panel manufacturer is to ask homeowners who have already installed solar panels who they used. Many times, solar contractors have a manufacturer or solar panel brand they prefer. Most people are happy to talk about their experiences with solar and all that they’ve learned, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you’re just taking the first step in researching solar, our solar panel cost calculator can help you estimate how much installing solar energy will cost initially. Knowing this estimated figure will serve as a starting point in your conversations with the solar companies you choose to contact.

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Top 10 Solar Panel Companies

Here is a list of some of the best solar panel companies to help install new residential solar energy systems:

  1. SolarCity offers warranties and a production guarantee at no additional costs.
  2. Vivint Solar is dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining affordable solar solutions.
  3. Sunnova Solar Energy provides efficient solutions for energy savings using reliable solar panels.
  4. RGS Energy (Real Goods Solar) has been helping homeowners and businesses reduce their electricity costs with sustainable, renewable solar power snce 1978.
  5. Solar Universe allows you to generate solar power, and manage your home more intelligently.
  6. Bland Solar & Air specializes in residential and commercial solar panel installation.
  7. Amergy Solar believes the future of alternative energy rests in their simple and accessible solar power systems.
  8. Smart Energy USA specializes in grid-tied solar power electric systems and installation, offering the latest solar technology for residential and commercial customers.
  9. KDH Solar takes a holistic approach to their customers solar needs, and guarantee systems installed by KDH’s professional installers.
  10. Direct Energy Solar customizes solar systems specifically for your home.
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Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers

  1. Trina Solar specializes in the manufacture of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and solar system integration.
  2. Canadian Solar manufactures both poly- and mono- crystalline solar modules, and their solar panels are backed by a 25-year linear performance warranty underwritten with 25-year insurance.
  3. JinkoSolar manufactures and distributes its solar panels all over the world: From China to South Africa, Belgium to the United States and beyond.
  4. JA Solar manufactures high-performance solar power products for residential, commercial and utility-scale clients all over the world.
  5. Hanwha Q Cells has a global-level capacity and top quality solar products and services.
  6. First Solar manufactures photovoltaic modules designed for large scale, grid connected and off-grid solar power plants.
  7. Yingli Green manufactures solar panels with the highest-possible product lifetime value, and that are designed to perform anywhere under the sun.
  8. SFCE manufactures photovoltaic solar modules for a wide array of users.
  9. Rena Solar manufactures solutions for wafer and solar cell production to promote the use of renewable energies.
  10. SunPower Corp aims to lead solar panel technology and innovation for residential, commercial and utility solar markets.

Top 10 Solar Contracting Companies

  1. First Solar manufactures photovoltaic modules designed for large scale, grid connected and off-grid solar power plants.
  2. Mortensen Construction
  3. SolarCity offers warranties and a production guarantee at no additional costs.
  4. Arraycon is a utility-scale solar array construction contractor, with a focus on foundation and mechanical installations.
  5. Helix Electric installs solar panels at the commercial and utility-scale level.
  6. Signal Energy Constructors are North American, full-service general contractors for renewable energy.
  7. Rosendin Electric is the largest employee owned electrical contractor with a focus on renewable energy.
  8. Swinerton Renewable Electric offers engineering, procurement, construction and solar services for clients in North America.
  9. Amec Foster Wheeler produces high-value solutions for their solar customers.
  10. Cupertino Electric offers total power, energy, and technology solutions- including on-site electric power generation.