We don’t like to brag, but it’s kind of hard to stay humble when you work at Modernize. After all, where else can you go from a pizza eating championship straight into a meeting that will change the country’s energy use? Or jump from an outing around Austin’s Town Lake directly onto a sales call that will help a family build their dream home?

Maybe that’s why the Austin Business Journal recently named Modernize one of Bat City’s best places to work. We feel honored to have received this distinction, especially in a city so flush with awesome, inspiring companies. But ask any one of our employees, and they’ll tell you: it didn’t happen by chance.

Modernize office meeting

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It’s Not Just Company Culture—It’s a Lifeforce

This is Austin. We get startup culture. Apply for a job in our fair city, and you’re as likely to see flipflops and ping pong tables as you are business suits and conference rooms. So what sets Modernize apart?

Well, culture here isn’t just some word we toss out idly at company retreats. It’s having someone to meet up with for a drink between shows at the Austin City Limits Festival. It’s being able to work from home or take a day off when the daycare center is full. It’s some encouragement in the form of nuzzles from your favorite furry friend. It’s positioning our employees to grow into more advanced, challenging roles by offering training, conference admission, and career development opportunities. In other words, it’s like getting a squad of 100 passionate people who all have your back!

Modernize CEO Jason Polka

Shaping the Future of Our Energy Use

One of the coolest things about working for Modernize is witnessing the effect it has on the energy futures of our nation’s homeowners. Our team works to bring about real environmental change, whether by helping customers purchase their first solar energy system, select a more energy-efficient heat pump, or just learn a little bit about how to save energy throughout their home.

That’s not just lip service either. Last year, for instance, Modernize was the origination point of seven percent of all residential solar installations. That’s had the same environmental impact as planting 165 square miles of trees, or removing a Titanic’s worth of coal emissions from the environment. If only Jack and Rose could see us now!

jamming out at Modernize

Helping Our Customers—And Our Employees—Build a Home

All apologies to Luther Vandross, but here at Modernize we firmly believe that a house should be a home. We not only strive to create welcoming spaces for the 300,000 homeowners we help every month—we care about our employees’ home lives too. That’s why we offer a flexible leave policy and schedule outings that the whole family can join in on.

We know that some of the most important work takes place outside the office, so we encourage our team to take time off to recharge when they need it. No nap desks needed here!

Taking Part in the ‘Austin Vibe’

The City by the Bay may hold the title of America’s foremost tech spot—but here in the Silicon Hills, we definitely have the wrap on chill. Located right in the pulsing heart of Austin’s Congress Avenue, our offices offer a lot more than just a great view.

Austin is like that cool girl in class everyone wants to hang out with—and then, when you finally get to know her, you realize she’s super nice and friendly, too! This is the town where you might easily catch Matthew McConaughey drinking a beer between shoots, or see Bruce Campbell dancing on a sixth street bar. As one of the most well-read, hardest-partying, best-educated cities in the country, it’s safe to say you’ll meet some friends for life here.

At Modernize, we work hard to bring that Austin swag (and community!) to our every move. Whether it’s an after-work hang on our sun-drenched balcony, an in-office jam session, or an innovative new initiative launched from the ground up, we’re Austin cool, through and through. Want to learn more? Watch our official video to find out what life at Modernize is all about!

So thanks again for the recognition, Austin Business Journal! Though truthfully, we can’t say we’re entirely surprised.

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