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Some of the most eye-catching photos we’ve seen lately were snapped by photographer Trent Bell. Formerly an architect, Trent photographs commercial and residential interiors and exteriors, products – and his travel photography is simply stunning. Read on to find out about his shift from architect to photographer, getting your house photo-ready, and how he got so darn good at what he does.

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What made you want to become a photographer?

I started out as an architect and actually transitioned over to an architectural photographer as it had a more constant flow of creative opportunities in the day-to-day working environment. In architecture school I actually did the school’s fundraising brochure photography and really enjoyed it, but at that time I just figured it wasn’t a viable option for a career. Later on in a fit of blissful ignorance I decided to actually do it! I’m incredibly happy I did but am incredibly amazed everyday at the odds that I was able to overcome to be where I am at today doing this as a living. It only took about 5 years of constant work and no income to start to make a living. ;)

How did you learn? What do you think is the best way for someone to get really good at photography? Do you recommend certain equipment to start out with?

An amazing photo by Trent Bell.

An amazing photo by Trent Bell.

I am mostly self-taught but I have had a few friends and acquaintances along the way that have given me tons of advice that have helped me grow by leaps and bounds. Read-read-read, get good at Photoshop, get a full-frame digital camera and a 24-70mm lens, and you will be half-way there… okay, maybe a quarter.

What do you like about architecture photography?

I like that I can plan and control the situation and work on composition and lighting. Architecture photography is the grand-daddy of still-life photography.

What’s the best way for a homeowner to make their house photo-ready?

Clean as normal but most of all de-clutter to an extreme level. DE-CLUTTER. Less is more.

What equipment do you use?

trentbellphotography – In My Bag from trentbellphotography on Vimeo.

Who inspires you?

Eric Almas, Jill Greenburg… many more, but in all honesty I’m fairly unfamiliar with what/who is out there. I’m noticing things that inspire me all the time but I have a hard time remembering names.

Your travel photography is amazing. How do you go about taking portraits of strangers when you’re traveling?

I find that approaching someone directly and just telling them who you are and what you’re doing and what you want can work very well if you bring the right attitude. Professional, do this all the time kind of thing.

Architecture photography by Trent Bell.

Architecture photography by Trent Bell.

Any upcoming trips planned?

We will soon be heading to the incredibly exotic land of Michigan and possibly Wisconsin soon after!

Full House or Family Matters?

House of Cards.

Want to see more of Trent’s work? Check out his website.