When it comes to insulating a home, people tend to think that it has to be expensive. Thankfully, this is not the case. There are tons of ways that you can go about insulating your home for a fraction of what it costs to hire someone to do it. The best places to start are in areas of your home where the most hot and cool air is lost, which are more than likely the windows and doors.

A blue front door on a yellow house.

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Blackout curtains

A good place to start is to buy blackout curtains for the windows in your home. The great thing about blackout curtains is that they are just as easy to install as traditional curtains, but they can significantly reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows. Blackout curtains come in a variety of colors and styles to go with just about any décor. Best of all, they can be purchased in sets for under $100.


Weatherstripping is something that can be done to both windows and doors. This helps save on energy by providing a better seal around doors and windows. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and can be purchased at nearly all home improvement stores. It is also easy to install, usually just requiring you to peel off the old weatherstripping and replace it with the new one. Thankfully, weatherstripping is cheap because it’s something that homeowners should replace every few years.

Energy film

Another way to make energy efficient savings on windows is to cover them in a protective energy film. The film isn’t very expensive and is easy to install. Best of all, once it’s installed, it’s completely transparent. You will enjoy increased energy efficiency without ever needing to see what is saving you so much money. Using energy film in conjunction with blackout curtains will definitely lower your energy bill.

Door snakes

A door snake is a small, stuffed fabric piece that lays at the base of a door. It’s not a real-live snake, thank goodness. The job of the snake is to keep air from entering or escaping your house. The great thing about door snakes is that not only are they affordable, but most people can make them themselves. Also, they can be decorated however you see fit. This means that door snakes can be the perfect addition to just about any home décor.

Storm doors and windows

Last on this list are storm doors and windows, which help insulate doors and windows by acting as a whole other protective barrier outside them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, they provide the same, if not better, energy-saving benefits as more expensive dual-pane windows.