Burlap isn’t exactly what comes to mind when we think of “stylish,” but hear us out: Recent trends towards simplicity and minimalism have brought burlap back from the potato sack, though. We’re seeing it used everywhere in interior design, from upholstery to throw pillows, to—you guessed it—window treatments. Inexpensive and easy to work with, burlap makes the perfect DIY project if you’re looking to give your interior more of a country or farmhouse-chic feel.

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Privacy for your French doors

burlap curtains
Burlap doesn’t need to be rugged and worn. Use cute window accessories to dress up the fabric while increasing your privacy.


burlap mini curtains

As a kitchen window treatment, burlap brings in the food and cooking theme nicely. Adding a little accent like the strip of black-and-white fabric seen here helps to dress it up.

Fold it up

burlap curtain tieback

Ever heard of burlap sculptures? We hadn’t either until we saw this. Fold yours into fun shapes and designs like this rose to make a unique curtain tie for your home.

Printed burlap

burlap kitchen valances

The burlap you use doesn’t have to be plain: look for printed sacks to give your decor a more antique or vintage feel. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece and focal point.

Add accessories


buralp curtain accessories

The neutral color of burlap helps it go with nearly anything. You can dress it up with a fancy pull back or dress it down with a rustic one. This antique curtain holdback is a great way to give your curtains a little edge.

Add a splash of color

embellished burlap curtains

If brown isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Burlap can add as a neutral backdrop to a colored ribbon or other fabric. Have fun mixing and matching colors with your curtains.

Simple but chic

chic burlap curtains

Not everything needs to be dressed up or down. Burlap as a stand alone curtain fabric looks fabulous in any home. Use this design for a simple, minimalist look.

Add some lace

As we’ve said before, burlap can act as a great backdrop to almost anything. It looks really great with lace, especially. The softness of the lace contrasted with the roughness of the burlap creates a great effect desirable in any room.

Fabric feet

two tone burlap curtains
For a fun DIY project, sew a strip of fabric to the bottom of your burlap curtains. You can add a splash of color here, or keep it neutral. This helps the burlap look finished and adds a great style to your window treatment.

Frame your window

fancy burlap valance

You don’t have to use straight, long curtains of burlap. A simple valance or draping can really make your window pop. Dress it up with some flower, sticks, or other natural garland to make a cute frame around the window.

Whatever you decide, you can make burlap fit your home. Have fun dressing it up or down and building a cool design with it.