The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home.” Once a room solely for cooking dinner and baking cookies, this area has transformed into a special space for entertaining guests and spending time with family. Lighting is an aspect of the kitchen that greatly influences the atmosphere, mood, and design of your home.

Good lighting helps you to transform your kitchen into a functional and attractive space where guests will love to linger. From industrial influences to large-scale fixtures, learn what’s trending in kitchen lighting from Progress Lighting.

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Industrial influences

Fixtures with an industrial flair support a great, clean-lined look for kitchen settings. Inspired by mid-century design, these fixtures are more masculine than your traditional lighting sources.

Pendant lighting

Large-scale lighting

The use of oversized fixtures is another popular trend for kitchen lighting, so don’t shy away from fixtures that make a statement. Position one or two large pendants over a table or kitchen island to create a focal point for the room, while providing adequate task lighting for completing everyday kitchen activities.

pendants feature nautical styling

Clear glass with exposed sources

Another trend noted by Progress Lighting design experts is the use of fixtures featuring clear glass and an exposed light source. These designs pair beautifully with bright white cabinets, creating a fresh and lively atmosphere.

clear glass mini-pendants.

Minimalist design

Kitchens with clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and easy maintenance are high on the list for today’s homeowners. Simplified lighting with modest features contributes to this popular style of design.

Nissé chandelier provides an elegant touch

Energy-efficient options

A shift toward more efficient lighting technologies allows consumers to make subtle energy saving changes in the kitchen. LED and CFL lamps play a big role because they can pay for themselves through energy and maintenance savings, while providing aesthetically pleasing lighting.

Image featuring Progress Lighting’s Kiss pendants.

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