As far as any teenager is concerned, their bedroom is their cool hangout spot. It’s got to be trendy, fresh, youthful, and a place for them to truly express themselves. Their friends will hang out here and everyone wants to be the cool kid, but this is also a sanctuary to relax from the stresses of high school drama and get some of that homework done.

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For the glam girl

teen room ideas

Funky lamp, a touch of pink, great artwork, and a super plush bed really give this room character. It brings together modern and classic in one glamorous and girly room. The elegance of the light and luxurious faux-fur blanket show sophistication, while the the pretty pastels keep it youthful and fun.

For the outdoorsman

teen boy bedroom idea

As much as your teen loves the outdoors, he can’t always sleep in a tent. Bring in a painted-on sky and a shaggy grass-colored rug to make indoors feel like the great outdoors. The space is open and free with everything streamlined to be in easy reach for those pesky indoor things tasks like homework.

For the fun lover

This room pops with its bold colors. The bright pinks and oranges are loud and proud, perfect for the girl who knows how to have fun. In order to not be overpowering, the gray wall tones down the color so that the accent pieces can really shine. We also love the great use of storage space in this bedroom.

For the musician

Whether this room is for listening to music or creating music, it radiates all things hip and smooth. This teen bedroom is a creative sanctuary and a personalized hall of fame rolled into one. Everyone’s proud of their music taste, so display it loud and proud on the shelving as decor while keeping it in easy reach for a listening session.

For the trendsetter

chevron room for teen

Via Droz Design on Houzz

Full of modern flair, this room is sure to set standards high as a place to hang out. The multi-colored chevron wall helps make the room look nice and spacious, and the blocks of color all bring a nice depth to the color scheme.

For the sports fanatic

sports room for teen


What colors do you bleed? Find inspiration in this room for great sports-themed ideas. The locker room storage boxes subtly tie into sports without overusing team colors.
Tip: For a more personalized look, make a quilt out of old team shirts.

For the Southwest Sweetheart

southwest room for teen

After a long day of school, your teen will love the ultimate comfort zone. This room mixes great wood textures with fun prints to bring a super cozy and natural feel to this room. Bring in some fabulous vintage window panes for picture frames or mirrors to give it a beautiful, rustic feel.