The quintessential boy’s bedroom often looks just like this:

messy boys room

It’s a nightmare most of the time, forcing parents to just close the door most days. But if the kid likes his surroundings, and it’s designed in such a way that makes storage a breeze, he just might pick up a sock or two.

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Build a fort

boy room fort

If you have the space, build this room now! Every boy wants some adventure, even if it’s just in the house. This fort may be too elaborate for some homes, but it can be altered for a smaller room. The key is adding those fun rope bridges between the walls. Kids may never touch the carpet at this rate. Add as many beds along the sides as needed for your child and several of his friends, too.

Indulge one main interest

boy space themed room

Boys’ bedrooms stay clean when they want to see the decor. This space bedroom is a testament to a child’s interest in astronomy. Take them to the stars by adding bold accessories, such as hanging planets. Don’t just paint them on the ceiling! The addition of certain orbiting details on the ceiling also pleases the eye. Match the paint job to the linens and see your astronaut gaze up at the heavens each night with pride in the decor selection.

Use strategic lighting

One clever way to encourage a clean and decor-friendly room is lighting shelves, as highlighted perfectly in this photo. Each shelf is spotlighted with inexpensive lights, showing off the child’s interests, trophies, and other treasures. Even add these lights to the room’s switch circuit. The moment the lights are turned on, they include the spotlighted area. You’ll appreciate the decor, while boys feel inclined to keep the area tidy.

Make them build some furniture

lego lamp

Via Babble

Is there nothing that building blocks can’t do? Take inspiration from this desk lamp and let your kid create his own furniture. It doesn’t have to be an entire bed, of course, but simple decor items to spruce up the space. Building blocks formed into a pencil holder, for instance, may spark the imagination further to include larger items. A side table by the bed made entirely of building blocks is a sight to behold.

Add a bunk bed with flair

Whether a boy is five or thirteen years old, this basketball-inspired bunk bed is a perfect choice for sporty kids. The sturdy wood holding the bunk in place allows the net to be ready for action. You can even switch up this bunk to have the mattress on top with a desk space hidden below. Schoolwork can still get finished with a basketball game ready to go.

Clever use of all those skateboards

If your child is a skateboarder, there could be a half dozen skateboards floating around the room. Some of them can’t always be in use, so give them another life as a unique shelf. L-brackets make it easy to install the boards on the wall without damaging them. If boys want to pull them down at some point to actually use them, that option is still available. Otherwise, you won’t trip on these extra skateboards anymore.