The rustic look has become very popular, and it’s not hard to see why. It creates the perfect blend of modern uniqueness and old-fashioned quaintness that results in a welcoming and relaxing environment. A key component to pulling off this style? Industrial pipe.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas for each room of your house to show you how you can incorporate this look in your own home. All of these ideas are built with Kee Klamp industrial pipe fittings, as they’re easier to build with than traditional threaded pipe. Plus, they’re easily adjustable.

Table of Contents

The bedroom

industrial pipe bed

Use industrial pipe to create a bed frame for your mattress. The pipe frame complements the room tone and hardwood flooring.

industrial pipe curtain rod

Another good place to add some rustic flair to your home: the curtain rods in your bedroom (or anywhere you have curtain rods). The pipe and fittings in this curtain rod were distressed using a unique heating method that ages the metal.

industrial pipe closet

Adding a simple shelf in your closet like this one keeps your clothes nice and organized. For a more spacious feel, you can also try an open closet.

The living room

industrial pipe coffee table

The living room: a place to relax and gather with family and friends. The neutral colors and warm tones of the rustic look lend themselves well to this environment. End tables, coffee tables, shelves, and desks can all be built with industrial pipe fittings. Using large, thick wood slabs for the platform and Kee Klamp to create the frame, you can easily add a rustic piece of furniture to your living room.

industrial pipe side table

Tip: Add casters to an end table.

industrial pipe book shelves

The office

industrial pipe office desk

Using large wood slabs and industrial pipe and fittings for the legs, this unique U-shaped desk fits well in this space. Painting the legs black adds to the look and the dark, warm, neutral colors enhance the space.

industrial pipe desk

The bathroom

industrial pipes decor

Pipe naturally lends itself well to bathroom fixtures like towel racks, curtain rods, and shelving. The above rack uses a lighter wood top to create a shelf and uses Kee Klamp hooks to hang towels. The design pairs well with the dark blue, textured wall.

industrial pipe bathroom

Another idea is to use pipe and fittings for the legs of any bathroom furniture. This counter is raised off the ground with a frame created from industrial pipe.

The kitchen

industrial pipe pot holder

Adding in a pipe fixture like this one can be an easy way to organize your pots and pans and give yourself some much needed counter space. The darker wood tones and the pipe and fittings give it that rustic look, and it makes cooking in your kitchen that much easier.

Another helpful option is to add an island to your kitchen. This island uses a darker tabletop and pipe fittings to create that industrial, rustic look but is also functional. The pipe makes for a handy towel rack and the use of Kee Klamp Fittings allows for the island to be easily adjustable. The wheel casters are also a nice touch to allow for freedom to move the table around the kitchen.

industrial pipe island

Have you decorated with industrial pipe? Tell us about it in the comments.