Organizing your home doesn’t have to mean boring plastic totes and drab old filing cabinets. In fact, keeping your house in order can be a perfect opportunity to add a touch of taste to your decor. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for functionality with these five home organization essentials from Ex.t.

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stylish wall hooks

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Inspired by nature, the Finferli coat hook can stand alone or in clusters. With a variety of sizes and colors available, you can mix-and-match your hangers to create an arrangement that’s cohesive with the existing look of your home. From coats, scarves, art, and more, this hook is the ultra-practical hanging solution.

Collage Cabinet

kids room cabinets

The Collage Cabinet reinvents traditional cabinetry with a fun, contemporary twist. This collection is composed of three smaller cabinets for a unique, modular approach to organization. Whether you plan to stow away larger items or just want to keep clutter off the floor, your belongings are safe, tucked away behind the pastel doors of the Collage Cabinet. Change up the setup any time you’re feeling spontaneous—this is one piece of furniture that can truly complement your bold personality.

Bon Bon 2

circular wall cabinet

Pay homage to your favorite sweets with this modern confection-inspired cabinet. Hung alone or paired with another Bon Bon 2 (or even more!), this storage solution gives you the creative freedom you crave with the space-saving features you need. Cleverly disguised as geometric wall art, this cabinet opens up to reveal a shelf perfect for holding books, trinkets, or other items you may want in close reach but hidden away. Available in a variety of crowd-pleasing colors, you’ll marvel at the Bon Bon 2’s spacious and sleek design again and again.


bird wall cabinet

The Birdie wall shelf is a beautiful and durable way to display your home decor, keeping belongings organized and delicately framed by the outline of a sweet songbird. Though inspired by the Japanese art of origami, this shelf trades in the traditionally sharp, geometric edges for sinuous curves that make this piece totally awesome.


leaf wall hooks

Add an ornate and ethereal touch to your walls with this gorgeous leaf hook set. Hang anything from coats to jewelry and anything in between—if you can dream it, the leaf hooks can keep it neatly in place! Add several hooks or just a few and watch your walls come to life with the raw beauty of nature.