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Heating expenses can get out of hand in the winter months, especially if your home has hidden leaks or large spaces to keep warm. While you can’t avoid the dreaded utility bills, you can lessen the load on your HVAC system and your wallet by making small or moderate improvements—whatever you can manage helps. Here are a few suggestions for… Read more
If your current gas furnace needs a sizable repair or is more than 15 to 20 years old, you may find that investing in a new one is a viable option. Today’s models are more energy efficient and more adept at keeping your home comfortable. But even though your family’s comfort is at stake, buying a new new gas furnace… Read more
Have you ever woken up freezing on a cold winter’s night? If you haven’t accidentally left the window open, chances are your furnace has broken down—and it can be a couple of miserably chilly days to wait while your furnace is repaired or replaced. However, if you can diagnose a failing furnace before it actually goes out, you can call… Read more
Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re running out of hot water more quickly than you ever have before. Maybe your hot water comes out looking a bit rust-colored, or you just know your water heater is living on borrowed time. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to evaluate your options before you purchase a new water heater. It’s not a cheap investment, and it’s… Read more
Heating a home isn’t cheap. But it’s even more expensive when you let that resource wastefully pump right out into the great outdoors—which is precisely what you’re doing if your attic isn’t properly insulated. This means you have to heat more and spend more to stay warm. Fortunately, insulating your attic isn’t very hard to do. Whether you decide to tackle… Read more
As weather turns colder and the year moves from the worry-free summer months, it’s time to consider your heating system and any maintenance it requires. Boiler systems are known for their efficiency and their reliability, but only when maintained and operated properly. There’s a good chance there are some key maintenance tasks you aren’t completing, and that your system isn’t… Read more
Nobody likes paying utility bills—I sure don’t. But some people pay more than they have to by relying on inefficient heating and cooling methods. A standard gas furnace may work to heat up a home quickly, but it’s not going to save you any money in the process. Even buying one of the high-efficiency models is going to cost you… Read more
For most people, it’s pretty standard to adjust the single thermostat and wait for the heat to kick on and warm air to begin whooshing out of all the vents around the house. It’s an easy system, but is it a wasteful one? According to research and experience, you’re probably throwing money away if you rely on a system that… Read more
For many, a home furnace isn’t just about personal comfort—it’s an actual lifeline that keeps their home warm enough to survive in freezing temperatures. A system that important to your health and well-being should be taken care of carefully and maintained for long-lasting performance. Whether you’re a hard-core DIYer ready to tackle any project, or you’re the type of person… Read more
If you share your home with someone else, you know how annoying it can be to try and agree on a temperature. Some people in the household will likely want the home cooler, and others will want it warmer. With standard heating and cooling systems, everyone typically comes to a compromise, but few are actually satisfied. A multi-zone heating and… Read more

HVAC information for homeowners

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, a mouthful more commonly referred to as HVAC (H-vack) systems, keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter. The three components of types HVAC system include air conditioning, ventilation, and heating.

HVAC tips from Modernize

Because these systems typically make up a large chunk of your utility bill, it’s important to make sure yours is always running as efficiently as possible. Basic HVAC maintenance includes regularly changing filters and having a professional visit one or two times per year to look for any issues. Homeowners wanting to greatly improve their system’s efficiency may also look into sealing up leaks and cracks where air is escaping, installing energy-efficient windows, and installing new units. Want more HVAC information and ideas? You’ve come to the right place.