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Ideas for a Kitchen Sink Remodel

sinks for kitchen Tips for Choosing a New Kitchen Sink
Are you searching for a new kitchen sink? Your mind is probably a Twister board of questions: What’s the difference between porcelain and vitreous china? Will farmhouse sinks retain their popularity? What’s the proper bowl depth? Are integrated drainboards worth the cost? Stop. Drop the questions. And look within. Let the sink choose you! Let’s suppose, say, that you believe Continue Reading
Farmhouse sink in a kitchen with white cabinets. Why We Love Farmhouse Sinks in the Kitchen
When homeowners remodel the kitchen, typically the primary intent (other than repairing structural issues) is to improve the appeal and aesthetics of the room. This is usually achieved with a little bit of paint, some tile here and there, new and beautiful appliances, and shiny fixtures. But if there’s only going to be one “up-do” in the kitchen, it’s got Continue Reading

A new kitchen sink brings functionality and updated style

Your kitchen sink may be the most frequently used item in you kitchen. When it’s time to select a sink for your new or remodeled kitchen design, there are a variety of factors to consider. The material option list for kitchen sinks is rather lengthy and includes materials such as stainless steel, cast acrylic, fireclay, cast iron, and various other material choices. Once you pick out the material for your sink, you will need to decide on whether you want a single bowl, double bowl, or possibly even a triple bowl. 

Your cooking style factors into the decision regarding the depth of sink you need. If you frequently use large pots when preparing meals, a 10-inch depth would be more convenient for you than an 8-inch depth. Drop-in, under-mount, and self-rimming a few of your mounting options. Just from the choices mentioned here, you can see that choosing a sink involves a variety of decisions. Each decision should be made with your cooking style and personal convenience high on the priority list. In order to gain the most satisfaction from your kitchen design, you simply must be pleased with the sink that you select.