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Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Inspiration for Your Home

Store your knives in style Safety should be a priority in any kitchen, and every kitchen has knives. Tossing a bunch of sharp objects into a drawer together may work for some people, but there are plenty of efficient and creative ways to store your knives in places where you won’t accidentally stab yourself while reaching for one. Here’s some… Read more
The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home.” Once a room solely for cooking dinner and baking cookies, this area has transformed into a special space for entertaining guests and spending time with family. Lighting is an aspect of the kitchen that greatly influences the atmosphere, mood, and design of your home. Good lighting helps you… Read more
Is a full-on kitchen remodel out of the question? Not to worry—you can still give the busiest room in your home a makeover so it looks a little less 1970s and a little more fabulous. Read on for 20 savvy ideas that’ll help you modernize your outdated kitchen. Swap out hardware Old cabinets can get a simple and quick update by adding new,… Read more
As one of the busiest rooms in the home, the kitchen is both a social and functional space for the entire family. When the kitchen has been in use for several decades, however, the appliances, paint and countertops have a dated appearance. Homeowners may balk at the idea of a complete tear-out to create a new kitchen, pointing out cost… Read more
For any professional chef, there is a certain pleasure derived from seeing a commercial kitchen with all its sleek stainless steel surfaces. Many modern home kitchens are including more major appliances in this easy-to-clean material. Simple soap and water or a bleach solution followed up with a stainless polish that sprays on and wipes down with ease, and your kitchen environment… Read more
Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to get a new look and feel in your kitchen. This is also an ideal way to save money and time during a renovation. Following a step-by-step guide can make painting kitchen cabinets an easy and straightforward process. Step 1: Understand the paint job Metal, wood, and wood-laminate cabinets are generally easier to… Read more
Whether you know or even care about the historical significance of subway tiles, it doesn’t matter—their simplicity is nothing short of genius. These flat, uniform, and thinly grouted oblong tiles are offset in a design intended for minimal maintenance with maximum visual effect. They are enjoyed even more today whether applied in a traditional manner or representing a variation on… Read more
When homeowners remodel the kitchen, typically the primary intent (other than repairing structural issues) is to improve the appeal and aesthetics of the room. This is usually achieved with a little bit of paint, some tile here and there, new and beautiful appliances, and shiny fixtures. But if there’s only going to be one “up-do” in the kitchen, it’s got… Read more
When you walk into the kitchen, what’s the first thing you see? If you are really hungry, it’s probably that salami sandwich that was left out on the counter, but after that, the most eye-catching things are the kitchen cabinets. Hanging right at eye level and along the ground as well, your kitchen cabinets can do an amazing job in… Read more

Planning Your Perfect Kitchen

Granite countertops, natural stone backsplash, dark cabinets — the perfect kitchen is something different for everyone, but careful planning for your new or remodeled home will make all the difference in your enjoyment of the finished space. Consider all of the ways you use or want to use your kitchen, whether it be as a gathering place or wine serving spot when entertaining, or a homework spot for the kids. And the big question: to island or not to island? Kitchen islands can extend the functionality of the space and serve as storage for all those pots and pans and cookbooks you’d like to keep off the counter. Remodeling your kitchen with all this in mind will ensure you wind up with your perfect space.

Our kitchen ideas can help make your dream kitchen a reality.