Limited-Time California Solar Rebates Available for 2015


Governor Jerry Brown passed The Energy Policy Act of 2005 creating a tax credit that requires California to obtain 33 percent of its power from renewable energy by 2020.

Homeowners with solar systems save hundreds of dollars on their monthly electric bills and can also reap the benefits of the state rebate and federal tax credit but only for a short time longer – the California State Rebate is expected to sunset at the end of the year.

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Californians have been long time advocates for solar power. In fact, California has become the nation’s leader when it comes to “going solar”. Other states look to the California Solar Initiative as an example of what may be on the horizon in their own state.

All Californians can take advantage of the California Solar Initiative, which allows residents to recoup 30% of equipment AND installation costs for an unlimited amount. This tax break is an investment tax credit that lets you claim 30% of a project’s cost. It’s the single most important public financial aid for the solar energy market and has helped to propel the growth of solar energy.

The legislation governing this solar tax credit is set to expire soon. The tax provision is set to expire in early 2016, unless the California legislature revisits this provision. As energy prices continue to increase, solar is a great option. Take advantage of this awesome solar tax credit right now!

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