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Ideas for Remodeling a Basement

Carpeted Basement Stairs Finishing Basement Stairs
Stairs are a vital part of any home, but just like any other segment of your house, the stairs will eventually wear out and need to be replaced or at the very least refinished. The issues even more pressing when you’re talking about basement stairs. They’re subjected to moisture more commonly than stairs elsewhere in your home and it’s much Continue Reading
basement ideas Waterproofing Your Basement
When moisture seeps into your basement, it can wreak havoc on your belongings. Appliances can rust, surfaces can warp, and mildew can damage and destroy. To protect your home, you need to take action to waterproof the basement. You can think of it in these terms: above and below, inside and outside, before and after. If water is an issue Continue Reading

Basement remodeling ideas

The basement is often the hidden gem in a home, with valuable square footage hidden beneath the clutter of a family’s life. A basement remodel, while it may be quite an expense, will capture your home’s extra square footage and become a playroom, a rec room, storage, or additional bed and bathrooms for an expanding family. The basement can even be the perfect mother-in-law suite. When it comes time to relocate, a finished basement is a valuable resale tool. Consider what your family needs and how you can use the basement to create it. What hidden treasure is under your home?