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reading nook 5 Exquisite Living-Room Designs that Will Boost your Appetite for Redecorating
Living in a rental has undeniable perks. You’re free from the pesky responsibilities of plowing in the winter, mowing and lawn care in the summer, faulty appliances, icky plumbing issues, and more. One downside when renting, though, is that you might not be able to decorate the same way you would if you owned the property. But don’t feel frustrated Continue Reading
Via 3F Living How to Create A Focal Point in Your Living Room
How to Create A Focal Point in Your Living Room Many people find themselves at a loss when there is no natural focal point (like a fireplace or built-in entertainment center) in their home’s living room, but there are a few tried and true ways to create a focal point even if your home doesn’t come with an obvious one. 1. Large art Continue Reading
6Livingroom Ditch the Beige: Living Room Paint Ideas We Love
Your living room is an area of your home where, well, a lot of living takes place. From kicking it after work to entertaining friends and family on a Saturday afternoon, your living room sees a ton of action and helps create a mood. Right now, we’re really into bold, lively painted living rooms — really, anything but beige. Read on Continue Reading

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Living room remodeling projects range from major projects to simple changes. Projects that involve rewiring should be done by a certified electrician. Replacing windows is also a project that requires a professional. Professionals will be needed for larger remodeling projects such as removing a wall, reconfiguring the room design, or for a project such as adding French doors that lead to a patio. DIY projects include updating your window treatments and painting the room. Adding crown molding is a project you can do that will immediately enhance the beauty of the room. Replacing carpet or outdated flooring with wood or laminate may be a DIY project that you’re willing to take on or one that you leave to the professionals. You may find it necessary to replace outdated furniture, room accessories, and wall art so that they are complementary to your completed remodeling project.