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Charlotte Roofing Repair and Installation

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Charlotte Roofing Repair and Installation

City Roofing Buying Guide Charlotte

A new roof is a big investment in your home both in money and time, but it will reap many benefits. The purpose of this city roof buying guide is to help you navigate the steps necessary for a successful installation project.

Things to Know

  • About Charlotte’s Climate
  • Contractor Validation
  • Permit and Inspection Information
  • Estimated Cost for New Roofing in Charlotte
  • Budgeting, Financing and Resources
  • About Roofing Materials

Charlotte’s Climate for Roofing Considerations

The Charlotte climate makes the area a popular choice for home and business owners. Overall, Charlotte receives over 200 sun-filled days per year and a little over 100 rainy days. The July high temperature averages 88 degrees while the winter low averages 34 degrees. The rainfall average is 44 inches per year. The U.S. average is 37 inches. Charlotte receives an average snowfall of 4 inches which is significantly lowered than the U.S. average of 25 inches. Humidity is also a consideration and Charlotte rates 37 out of 100 while the U.S. average is 44 out of 100. In the case of rating the comfort index for humidity, the higher the rating the better the comfort level.

Use the climate information when making a decision with your contractor about the type of roofing material as some materials work better dealing with climate conditions than others.

Roof Contractor Validation in Charlotte

Using the free online tool at the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors website allows you to verify a potential contractor’s license. This is recommended as you want experienced roofing installers on the job and with some roofing materials, such as metal or slate, the installers need to be experts working with the material.

Get estimates from several contractors, compare costs, know when the project will be completed, and ask about any other fees not included in the estimate. Ask for proof of insurance and a license number so you can verify the information. If the person is not forthcoming with either, move on to the next contractor who can supply this crucial information. Be sure the estimate is signed and has a complete date including month, day and year.

Roofing Permit and Inspection Information in Charlotte

For information about required permits and inspections, contact Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement located at 2145 Suttle Avenue, Charlotte, 28208, in person, or call customer service at (980) 314-2633.

As a general rule, plan on getting a permit prior to the start of the project and an inspection after the installation is complete. Failure to get a required permit can result in fines, extra fees, citations from the city, and removal of already completed work.

Estimated Cost for New Roofing in Charlotte

For an example purpose only, the following estimated breakdown is for a wood shingle roof being installed on a 2,000 square foot home in zip code area 28215.

The low end total estimate based on an average cost per square foot of $4.53 is $9,063.69. The high end based on $7.37 average cost per square foot is $14,739.32.

The total estimate includes the cost of the roofing material, additional supplies and materials, labor to install the roof, and extra equipment.

Material cost for the low end is $6,621.20 and the high $9,446.60. Labor runs an estimated $1,941.19 while the high end is $4,690.47. Extra supplies are $448.80 versus $516.00 and equipment is $52.50 versus $86.25

Roofing Budgeting, Financing, and Resources in Charlotte

With the potential of a new roof running into the thousands of dollars, it’s important to have a payment plan is place. You must also plan on unexpected expenses for required repairs to the roof support itself, such as beams and decking. Discuss the possibility of additional costs with your contractor.

A small home improvement loan or a home equity loan are both good options and may carry a smaller interest rate compared to a private lender or a credit card. The two links below provide information about a federal tax credit for metal roofing or asphalt roofing, available incentives, and loan programs in North Carolina.

Charlotte, NC roof repair & replacement

About Roofing Materials

Discuss the different roofing materials and costs with your contractor. The roof design, climate, and budget all factor into your choice.

  • Metal – choose recyclable copper shingles, aluminum or stainless steel roofing for this more expensive material with a life span of up to 50 years.
  • Asphalt shingles – one of the most popular materials, asphalt shingles are durable. Easy to install, shingles can last 15 to 30 years.
  • Wood shingles – crafted from southern pine, cedar and redwood, the material lasts approximately 25 years. It is not allowed in all states because of fire code regulations.
  • Hot mop – easily installed and designed for a roof with minimal slope.
  • Fiber cement – a recyclable material that is fire proof and a life span of 20 to 30 years.
  • Rolled roofing – inexpensive and used for roofs with minimal slope. Easy to install but requires on-going maintenance.
  • Slate tiles – expensive, heavy, durable and with a life span of 50 to 100 years. Requires expert installers to do the job properly.
  • Clay tiles – like slate roofing, clay tile roofs are durable, heavy in weight, can last more than 50 years and require expert installation.

Research, communication, asking questions, and following up with city requirements will keep your roofing project on track for success.

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