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Atlanta Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Companies in Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Solar Panel Installation

How to Use the Solar Calculator

The best way to learn about local rebates, your home’s energy potential, and your eventual return on investment is to use our ModSun Solar Cost Calculator (see above). Enter your home address in the box, then click Check My Roof. You’ll get an instant picture of your roof’s productivity, your average energy expenses, and installation costs in your area—whether you decide to buy or loan. We’ll also provide system size recommendations and information about rebates and incentives you may be eligible for. Just select More Info under each purchasing strategy to learn more, and then connect with a solar pro.

Solar City Buying Guide for Atlanta, Georgia

More than 400,000 people call Atlanta home, whether as homeowners or business owners, and many are turning to solar power. Atlanta’s climate is great for solar, and converting to solar will save you money, reduce gas emissions, lessen the depletion of natural resources, and eliminate dependence on the grid. If you’re in the market for solar products, this guide will point out a few of the areas to cover so you can make an informed decision with your contractor.

About Solar Power in Atlanta

Solar powered electricity is a relatively easy process. When using a solar panel system, the photovoltaic (PV) cells convert solar rays to direct current electricity. An inverter then converts the direct current to alternating current which, in turn, powers your home. A meter measures the amount of energy used as well as excess energy fed back to the main grid. This process is called net-metering. The excess is calculated and will reflect as a credit on your utility bill each month.

Checklist for Buying Solar Power Products in Atlanta

While ordering solar products online is an option, it is recommended that you purchase products from local private companies specializing in a particular brand or a large retail store where expert sales people are available to answer your questions.

Your contractor should be your point of contact when it comes time to buy products by providing you with information about the size and type of product you need. Whether it’s solar panel coverage or a solar water heater, there are factors that need to be considered.

For solar panels, the size of the home or building is used to calculate the size of the system needed and determines the number of panels that will be necessary to thoroughly power the property.

The contractor will also need to inspect your roof to determine if the roof design is capable of maintaining the number of panels and also if the roof can hold the weight of the panels. If the roof is not compatible, there’s also the option of a ground-mounted solar panel system. For both rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems, the panels must be unobstructed, face south, and receive direct sunlight the majority of the day.

For solar water heaters, the climate plays a role in the type of system needed as there is one for areas with moderate winter temperatures and another type specifically designed for areas that experience frequent freezing. It’s also necessary to inspect the roof for structural integrity if a solar product is purchased requiring a rooftop storage tank.

Solar Permit Requirements for Atlanta

To apply for a permit, you’ll need to contact the City of Atlanta’s Permit Issuance Division located at 55 Trinity Avenue, 3rd Floor – Suite 3800. You can also call (404) 865-8550 or email permitissuance-oob@atlantaga.gov.

Selecting a Solar Contractor in Atlanta

Hire a qualified contractor. Installing solar systems involves many steps including electrical wiring so it’s important that only a contractor with the appropriate license handle the project from start to finish. To search and verify a contractor’s license for the State of Georgia, use the Secretary of State’s Professional Licensing website.

Atlanta, GA solar energy & solar panels installation

Atlanta’s Climate for Solar Power

Climate plays a role in solar selection for both solar panels and for solar water heaters. In Atlanta, sunny days prevail 217 days out of the year providing an ample source to power your property. Rain occurs 107 days each year with an accumulation of 54 inches, which is higher than the U.S. average of 37. The city estimates minimal to zero yearly snowfall, high temperatures near 90 in the summer and 34 in the winter.

Types of Solar Panels and Water Heaters in Atlanta

  • Grid-Tie
  • Off Grid
  • Grid Tie and Battery Backup
  • Active solar water system with either a direct or indirect system
  • Passive solar water system with either an integral or thermosyphon system

Incentive Resources in Atlanta

Check these links for information about tax credits, incentives, rebates, grants and loans available to residential and commercial property owners.

Once you’ve made a decision about what you want, the size you need, and the brand that gives you the best return for your investment, you’re ready to start the project with an experienced and licensed solar contractor. Be prepared for the installation to take between 2 to 4 days. After the installation is inspected and approved, you can revel in the knowledge that you’ll be saving money for the long-term while doing your part to maintain a healthy environment.


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