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Peoria Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Buyer’s Guide for Peoria, Illinois

If you’re making an investment in solar power, you’re making an investment in the future. Solar power in Illinois is well-supported by incentive programs as well as encouragement for home and business owners to make the change. Illinois has experienced a growth in solar usage in the past several years and remains in a positive position to continue expanding the state’s solar base. As you make your way through the solar installation process, this buying guide will point out a few areas to ensure a successful and safe project.

Solar Considerations for Peoria

Several areas of the process require hands-on attention from the start. These include:

  • Permit
  • Contractor
  • Roof Inspection

Permit for Solar Installation in Peoria

You’ll need a permit from the City of Peoria prior to starting the solar project. A permit ensures that only a contractor with the appropriate license and insurance will be working on the project. An inspection is also required by a city inspector to sign off on whether or not the installation passes. If it doesn’t, you’ll be required to have the noted changes addressed and then inspected, again. You can get information about the permit process by calling (309) 672-6915, checking the website where you’ll find the building permit application online, or by visiting the Department of Planning & Zoning at the Peoria County Courthouse located at 324 Main Street, Room 301.

Hiring a Solar Contractor in Peoria

Hiring a qualified contractor for any roofing work is a requirement in Illinois. This means the contractor must be certified through the Department of Professional Regulation. An experienced contractor will understand the ins and outs of solar installation and will guide you toward making the right purchase. It’s in your best interest to hire the best person for the job and to ensure they have the right credentials to do it. You can check a contractor’s license at the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Peoria, IL solar energy & solar panels installation

Roof Inspection for Solar Installation in Peoria

Before solar panels or a solar water storage tank can be installed on the roof, it must first be inspected by a city building inspector. The reason is the roof must be in good condition and structurally capable of holding the weight of either solar product. It is highly recommended that any repairs or replacement necessary be completed prior to solar installation.

Types of Solar Power in Peoria

A popular solar panel product is the Grid-Tie system. With this system, the solar array works throughout the day to create power for your home or business. You’re also tied into the city grid for use when needed. Whenever the solar system generates excess power, it is routed back to the grid where it is purchased by the utility company. This is called net-metering. The purchase of the excess powers earns a credit to your utility bill each month it applies. Net-metering can also be considered a return on investment since you’re making money any month extra power is generated.

The Off-Grid system generates all of the power for your property. Instead of routing excess to the grid, the system routes it a battery backup system so you’ll have power whenever you need it.

A combination of the Grid-Tie and Battery Backup is also available. With this system, your property is tied to the grid while the panels charge batteries that power a dedicated service panel. Excess power is routed back to the grid. In the event the grid fails, the solar system disconnects from the grid and the batteries provide limited power to your property while waiting for the grid to go back online.

Solar water heaters have an active system which use either a direct or indirect system to maneuver the water through the system. The indirect system is recommended for regions where freezing temperatures occur frequently. The alternative passive system uses integral or thermosyphon systems and does not rely on electric pumps to move the water from the collector to the tank.

Solar Resources for Peoria, IL

A variety of state, city, and federal programs are available in Illinois. These programs can save money through incentives, rebates, tax credits, and special loans for residential and commercial property owners. Available programs can decrease the amount of the initial cost of equipment and installation which allows you to see a return on investment sooner rather than later.

Climate Considerations for Solar Power in Peoria

Peoria receives a significant number of sunny days at 194 and only around 97 rainy days. While the summer high ranges in the mid 80’s, wintertime temperatures can go as low as 12 degrees. Snowfall is estimated at 20 inches.

With the help of an experienced contractor and the information supplied in this guide, you’ll be prepared for each step of the project.


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