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San Antonio, Texas Solar

San Antonio benefits from an exceptional amount of sunshine throughout the year, and CPS Energy wants to provide affordable means to residents along with credit incentives to tap into it. If you are currently using traditional energy sources only, consider getting off the grid and tapping into the sun’s power.

CPS Energy Policy for Solar Panels

CPS Energy is one of the largest municipally owned and progressive utility service companies in the United States which utilizes renewable energy resources. In a big effort to support alternative energy by encouraging residents to install solar panels, CPS Energy offers residents monthly credits against their electric bill. The program is available for homeowners and business owners who have agreed to solar panel installation from a third party licensed contractor.

According to the 2014 annual report from CPS, pluses to the program include, but are not limited to, less harmful emissions, more jobs for the community, and better service reliability to customers. It also means that by creating a program that is budget friendly, more people from are able to take advantage of the offer. Of course, traditional purchase of solar panels on your own as well as leasing the panels is still an option if you choose to take the private route.

What This Means for Consumers in San Antonio

In a nutshell, it means significant savings to your wallet over the long haul. While the price of solar panels has dropped, it can still be a sizable investment, and since CPS Energy and local solar companies are incurring the cost, you still benefit with the monthly credits earned.

With the CPS solar panel program, customers, both residential and business, have access to the net metering process. This means, any excess electricity produced by the panels installed on homeowners and business owner’s structures is sold back to CPS Energy to be used on the main electrical grid.

With the 20-year rooftop solar program from CPS Energy in place, it’s estimated customers can see as much as a 3 cents savings per kilowatt hour produced. That averages out to about $30 off of your monthly utility bill. It averages out, based on current rates, to $360 a year or $7,200 over 20 years.

San Antonio, TX solar energy & solar panels installation

Finding Solar Panel Contractors in San Antonio

CPS Energy partnered with local solar companies to borrow money needed for solar panels at a much lower rate than what’s available to private solar companies, homeowners and business owners. Local solar companies working with CPS would then buy the panels for installation on San Antonio homes and businesses. The individual company is responsible for solar panel maintenance. The benefit to the solar company is they will receive the tax credit for the purchase. For your part, you will need to select a contractor from the list of local companies working with CPS Energy.

Things You Need to Know About Installing Solar Panels

There are a few things to know when considering installing solar panels. First and foremost, your home’s roof must be situated so it is pointing in the right direction to get the optimum in sunlight. Next, the roof must be strong enough and in good enough repair in order to support the weight of the panels. How many panels needed is determined by the contractor based on the size of the house. Last, a heavily treed lot may make your home ineligible. There can’t be any barriers, natural or otherwise, blocking the solar rays.

Popularity of Solar Panels in San Antonio

The popularity of homes using solar panels is on the rise. While some cities and states are not as active as they could be, San Antonio is a front runner in the use of renewable energy and in a way that benefits the utility company, solar panel companies, and the consumer. With the CPS Energy plan, everyone receives a positive outcome. The energy company receives the excess electricity from the consumer; the solar companies receive tax credits on the purchase of solar panels and at a lower rate; consumers receive electricity credits each month.

With over 60 percent of the year receiving sunshine, it’s to your advantage to consider solar panels for your home. With San Antonio’s utility department encouraging consumers to take hold of the sun’s power, the advantages outweigh the concerns you may have.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to find out if your home can earn some extra cash each month with renewable solar energy in San Antonio.

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