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Window Ideas and Information for Homeowners

Window issues can arise no matter how new your home is. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows but you’re not entirely sure it’s necessary, take a look at these 7 warning signs to watch out for. High energy bills If your HVAC system is working much harder than it needs to in order to compensate for old, leaky… Read more
The color white, although technically a non-color, is used more than any other color in interior design. Its pure hues evoke feelings of cleanliness, purity, serenity, and freshness. Although there are thousands of shades of white, ranging from pure white to dusty gray, any shade you choose will add crisp, stunning appeal to your interior. Take a look at 5… Read more
Teal: It’s not quite blue and not quite green, but a lovely in-between. When used in the home, it creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that’s anything but gloomy. We especially love the way teal curtains add a punch of personality to any room. Check out some of our favorite examples. Classic style This traditional dining room shows off an… Read more
Lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen? We’re officially jealous. And not just because having natural light flowing in is a wonderful thing—we also love how window treatments can add a nice pop of unexpected color or a fun pattern to a kitchen, which is otherwise sort of a utility-heavy room. Read on for some of our favorite… Read more
Burlap isn’t exactly what comes to mind when we think of “stylish,” but hear us out: Recent trends towards simplicity and minimalism have brought burlap back from the potato sack, though. We’re seeing it used everywhere in interior design, from upholstery to throw pillows, to—you guessed it—window treatments. Inexpensive and easy to work with, burlap makes the perfect DIY project if you’re… Read more
There’s just something about sheer curtains. They’re light, they add softness to a room, and they’re subtle while still adding style and personality. They’re especially appropriate for areas that can benefit from natural light, as the fabric will diffuse overly bright sunlight without making the room dark and dreary. Thinking of going sheer? Check out these 4 fabulous ideas. Charming lace If you’re… Read more
Linen drapes are some of the most popular window treatments on the market, but with literally hundreds of styles to choose from, how do you know which will look best in your living room? Here are just a few ideas to kick-start your brainstorming. Ombre Curtains Ombre is super trendy right now—we’re seeing it used everywhere from bedrooms to clothing… Read more
Bay windows have a purely magical way of connecting a house to the great outdoors. They bring in sunlight, and they do so with character. Bay windows are a popular feature of Victorian architecture such as the Painted Ladies of San Francisco. Read on to find out the things you’ve always wanted to know about bay windows. Practical uses of… Read more
Transom windows got their name primarily due to their placement. They’re positioned directly over the transom, which is the solid beam separating the top of a window or door from the lower part of a wall. Transom windows have been long used as key architectural elements. Commonly seen in various historical styles, perhaps most famously in New Orleans homes, they’re… Read more

Replace Your Windows or Install New Windows

Few home remodeling projects can pack as big of a punch as new windows. Aesthetically, a home is transformed by sleek, clear windows. And then there are the other benefits: energy savings thanks to a Low-e coating and tight seals, noise reduction, less cleaning and maintenance, and just an overall better, clearer view. While the upfront costs can be high, homeowners will get that initial investment back eventually through savings on energy bills. Get inspired with our window design ideas.