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Information About Window Replacement in Warren

If you live in Warren, you probably pride yourself on your ability to weather whatever the climate dishes out–no matter how fierce or frigid. But part of your winter preparedness starts with selecting proper windows for your climate–the right type of glass and insulation can help you keep heat inside, where it belongs.

The information below is a briefing on that, and other things you’ll need to know to start a window replacement project in your area, including the contractor and permitting requirements. Additionally, there’s also some information about energy efficiency programs you can take advantage of if you purchase high performing windows, and save even more.

Window Contractor Requirements in Warren

In Warren, there is no law requiring you to perform repairs through a licensed contractor–you can do the work yourself, if you think you have the know-how. It’s important to bear in mind the scope of the project you’re about to take on, however. In their eagerness to get a job done, many homeowners jump into technical work that is beyond their experience level. And window replacements can be deceptively complicated. A direct replacement is usually manageable for a ammateur repairman, for instance, but a job that requires making alterations to the wall surrounding the window? That might be better performed by a trained professional.

However, if you do decide to use a contractor, you’ll need to select the right person for the job. You can take some small measures to protect yourself from fraudulent business practices or shoddy workmanship by performing a few background checks right off the top. When you’re searching for contractors, look only for those that are licensed to do work in your area. Also, once you have a worker in mind, check with the city’s Building Division to see if there are any outstanding debts in their name. An upright contractor will pay off all fees in a timely manner. Thirdly, ask the contractor for their references. A reliable candidate will have a list of names ready for potential clients.

Applying for Window Permits in Warren, MI

In Warren, you are required to file a for a permit for any and all window replacements. Additionally, if the project is particularly large, you may even be asked to submit supporting documents that show your building plan and the scope of the work. A Building Division employee should be able to tell you what sort of supporting drawings you need to include and can walk you through the process of applying. The Building Division office is located at One City Square, Suite 305, Warren, MI 48093.

Warren MI replacement windows

Window Requirements in Warren

Michigan is one of the coldest states in the US, so the type of windows you pick out can make a real difference in your heating costs–and in how warm your home stays throughout the winter. When it comes to heating, one of the most important measurements is your window’s U-factor. That’s an industry specification that indicates how well the glass insulates a home. According to the International Energy Conservation Code, the ideal U-factor for windows in Warren is no greater than 0.32. That’s just the minimum, of course. You can get even better performance if you choose products that are labeled with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR logo. That means they’ve been shown to be especially energy efficient in your area’s climate.

Window Inspections in Warren

Once the window goes up and the repair is completed, you’ll need to have the work inspected by a city official before the project can be considered complete. You can call the Building Division to schedule that visit. Make sure to have your permit and all plans and additional paperwork visible on inspection day.

Window Insulation in Warren

Insulation doesn’t stop at your window’s glass, however. The seals between the frame and the glass are just as crucial for preventing heat loss. Make sure that the caulking is neat and applied without breaks, as this will allow air to leak through the gaps. This is often something that gets rushed or overlooked at the end of a job, so it pays to make a last inspection. Additionally, the moving joints should have weatherstripping installed to ensure that your home stays warm and your heating bills low.

Information about Rebates and Incentives in Warren

Michigan offers a financing program for those homeowners making energy efficiency improvements to their home. If you qualify, you could be eligible for up to $30,000 in loans, at a rate no higher than 7%. To get started, visit the Michigan Saves site and find a qualified contractor to give you a work estimate.

Additionally, if you’ve bought ENERGY STAR windows, you could receive a return on your income taxes as well. The federal government offers homeowners a rebate of up to 10% of the product cost, capped off at $200. To file for that rebate, fill out form 5695 when you complete your taxes.

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