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Buffalo, New York Window Replacement Buying Guide

Many circumstances can lead you to the window buying market in Buffalo. Perhaps you are replacing existing windows that no longer function as they should, or you have a desire to increase energy efficiency and comfort levels within your home or business property. Whatever the reason, it makes sense to understand how the climate and building requirements of Buffalo will play a large part in which type of windows you choose.

Buffalo’s window codes and permit requirements are designed to ensure not only that you purchase the right type of window, but also that the job is completed correctly and in accordance with the New York Building Code. Although the red tape might seem like an inconvenience, it provides a great starting point when beginning your search for new windows or replacing your existing windows.

When a Building Permit is Necessary in Buffalo, NY

The City of Buffalo in most cases does not require a building permit for the replacement or installation of a new window in the same sized opening. However, when the dimensions of the original opening are altered, a building permit is required. Since a larger window would not fit into an existing, smaller opening, the framing would need to be altered to accommodate the new window and you would have to apply for a building permit.

Basic Considerations For Window Replacement in Buffalo, NY

Before you purchase your new windows, there are a few decisions you must make. The first is to determine if you are replacing your existing windows without any modifications to the opening, which will require a building permit. You will also need to decide on the new window’s aesthetic design and operational functions.

One of the most popular window styles is referred to as a double or single hung window where one or both of the window sashes open and close in a vertical movement. Horizontal sliding windows are also an option and available in both fixed and dual sliding functions. Casement windows provide the most ventilation as the entire windowpane opens outwards by turning a crank.

In addition, it is beneficial to choose a window suited for the climate of Buffalo, which experiences mild summers and harsh winters. Property owners wishing to increase energy efficiency and reduce their heating bills during the winter should consider purchasing double paned windows  or a triple pane window, high-performance, energy efficient windows.

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Replacement Window Costs in Buffalo, New York

The cost of new window installation and replacement will vary depending on the number of windows you are purchasing as well as their type, style and the manufacturer. You must also consider the labor costs associated with window installation, which will be more expensive for windows that require rough opening modifications and building permits.

Paying for your New Windows in Buffalo, NY

Since window replacement and installation costs can be substantial, property owners sometimes require financing options to pay for the window purchase. Before purchasing windows for your property, check for rebate and incentive programs offered by your city, state or the federal government. These programs are designed to promote energy efficiency and can save you money on your new window purchase. Residents of Buffalo can search the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) website to locate these valuable programs. The database lists the most current rebate and incentive programs by state.

Once you’ve chosen a window type and applied for or obtained any rebates or incentives, you should have a good handle on the cost of your project. There are many conventional methods available to help you pay for the new windows. These include Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), a secured loan or a credit card. Window suppliers and home improvement centers often offer zero percent financing options to attract your business as well. To avoid interest charges and paying more for your windows in the end, it is best to pay with cash whenever possible.

Final Considerations

Unless you are a retired contractor or a property owner with moderate home improvement skills, your project will most likely require the services of a contractor. Hiring the right contractor is as important as selecting the right windows. It is he/she that you will depend on to install the windows correctly. Before hiring a contractor, you should always verify the status of their license and validate their insurance coverage. Without doing so, you risk putting your project, home and financial well-being at risk should something unfortunate happen.

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