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Window Replacement in Utica, New York

Located deep in the heart of the Mohawk Valley, your Utica home probably sees its fair share of snow–and that means soaring costs for heating in winter. Luckily, with a new energy-efficient upgrade for your windows, you could be keeping a lot more of that heat indoors, where it belongs, and saving a lot on every utility bill.

When you’re planning a window replacement project, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for your area, as well as learning about your options when it comes to insulating. This guide provides an overview for window renovations in your area, from hiring a contractor to scheduling an inspector, and includes information on rebates and incentives that could save you even more money.

Window Contractor Requirements in Utica

Utica does not provide any contractor requirements for residents making small repairs to their home. However, generally, we recommend that window repairs be handled by a licensed contractor. A contractor will be able to confirm that the work conforms to state energy and building codes, and can help you when you’re completing the paperwork for your permit as well.

Applying for Window Permits in Utica

The City of Utica does not require a permit for smaller home repairs. However, if you’ll be doing major renovations along with your construction, and especially, if you’ll be making alterations to a load-bearing wall, you’ll need to apply for a permit. Additionally, if the work you intend to do will cost more than $1000, then you’ll have to get a permit. Either way, you should check with the city’s Codes Department before you begin any window repairs to make sure that the replacement will be legal and up-to-code.

If you are asked to file a permit, you’ll want to have some other information prepared to bring with you when you apply. This includes a plan describing the scope of the work you intend to do, including the tax map number, street address and occupancy classification, as well as the estimated cost. Additionally, you’ll need construction drawings detailing the job and the dimensions. For your reference, you can access a copy of the building permit application online.

The City of Utica Codes Department will decide whether or not your project is large enough to entail a permit. They are located at 1 Kennedy Plaza # 1, Utica, NY 13502.

Utica, New York Window Requirements

New York has a statewide energy code that will affect which windows you can use in your home. To ensure that residents meet energy efficiency requirements, the state government dictates that you cannot add windows with a U-factor rating greater than .35. What does that mean? U-factor is an industry standard measurement for how well windows are able to insulate a building. If your windows have a high level of heat loss, they’ll have a higher rating and vice versa. To get maximum energy efficiency and save money on your heating bills, however, we recommend looking exclusively for products that are labeled with an ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR is a program run by the EPA that is dedicated to achieving higher levels of efficiency in homes and buildings. They rate products for how well they conserve energy use and give those that perform well an ENERGY STAR label, so when you see that on a window, you know that it will definitely be good at insulating your home.

Window Inspections in Utica

If a permit is required, then you’ll also need to have the finished work inspected by one of the city’s inspectors. Utica has several different agencies it has authorized to perform inspections, each overseeing various aspects of construction. A Codes Department employee should be able to instruct you as to which agent you’ll need to contact for your project. From there, you can schedule a visit and get the details of the inspection. Keep in mind, you’ll need to, at the very least, make sure your permit is available when the inspector arrives.

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Insulation and Window Care in Utica

To get the maximum energy efficiency and savings from your windows, you’ll need to make sure that they’ve been properly caulked–this will keep air leaks from letting out precious heat and costing you money. Additionally, you’ll want to add weatherstripping to the moving parts. And to ensure that your windows last as long as possible, make sure to clean them properly, with soap and water only, and never in full sunlight.

Window Rebates and Incentives for Utica

While there are no incentive programs offered at the local level, NYSDERA, New York State’s Energy Research and Development Authority, has several programs that residents can apply for when they are making energy efficient updates to their homes:

  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: This program gives homeowners a potential 10 percent materials discount, and offers a low-interest loan for those who qualify. An official energy audit is required. The program’s home is located here.
  • Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: This program is similar to the regular Home Performance option, but for households that meet a minimum income requirement. It offers a 50 percent materials discount, in addition to low interest loans to cover the cost of upgrades. More information is available here.

ENERGY STAR products are also eligible for a rebate from the federal government as well. The incentive returns you a credit worth 10 percent of the product’s cost–up to $200. All you need to do is file tax form 5695.

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